Monday, August 23, 2021

Joshua Rifkin - The Baroque Beatles Book (1965)

Mp3 320 Kb/s 

Musiciologist-conductor-pianist Joshua Rifkin’s The Baroque Beatles Book is a milestone from the early days of Nonesuch Records.  It began as a marketing concept-cum-youthful prank: How about writing Baroque-era arrangements of the Fab Four’s Top 40 hits,as if Lennon & McCartney were contemporaries of Bach & Handel? Beatlemania and the Baroque were both in fashion with theirrespective audiences, and the disc became a crossover hit at the height of the 1965 holiday season. But The Baroque Beatles Bookwas no mere novelty item; over the years it has gained downright legendary status among Beatles fans, classical enthusiasts and those who have followed the remarkable evolution of the Nonesuch label. Newsweek declared the collection “inspired”; the Boston Globe called it “brilliant.”

The Royale Beatleworks Musique, MBE 1963
   Overture: I Want to Hold Your Hand and "You're Gonna Lose that Girl" – 6:00
    R√©jouissance: I'll Cry Instead – 1:50
    La Paix: Things We Said Today – 2:02
    L'Amour s'en cachant: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away & Les Plaisirs: Ticket to Ride – 4:24

Epstein Variations, MBE 69A
    Hold Me Tight – 4:15

"Last Night I Said", Cantata for the Third Sunday after the Shea Stadium, MBE 58,000
    Chorus: "Last Night I Said" (Please Please Me) – 5:22
    Tenor (Helpentenor)Recitative: "In they came jorking" & Aria: "When I Was Younger" (Help!) – 5:31
    Chorale: "You know, if you break my heart" (I'll Be Back) – 1:40

Trio Sonata, Das Kaferlein, MBE 004 1/4
    Grave-Allegro-Grave: Eight Days a Week – 2:27
    Quodlibet: She Loves You/Thank You Girl/Hard Day's Night – 1:12


Friday, August 13, 2021

The Blue Water Folk - The Blue Water Folk (1970)

Folk Heritage FHR013S

This is the debut by Blue Water Folk with Geoff Ashton, Ian Grime, Steve Ocock, Alan Waring & Rita Waring with Rod Williscroft on bass and reputedly only 200 copies made.

01 Banks Of The Roses (2:17)
02 Three Jolly Rogues (1:12)
03 The Snow Is Falling (3:02)
04 Lord Nelson (2:55)
05 Curragh Of Kildare (3:56)
06Fair And Tender Ladies (2:08)
07 New York Girls (2:32)
08 Maid Of Fyfe (2:38)
09 Early Morning Rain (2:44)
10 Marie's Wedding (1:46)
11 Trooper And The Maid (2:23)
12 Come Kiss Me Love (3:16)
13 Blue Nose (2:28)
14 Willie's Gone (2:40)

Friday, July 23, 2021

Brass Bed - Melt White

©2010 Art Design by Peter DeHart + Allison Bohl

Brass Bed songs are strange. Sometimes it sounds like a 70's powerpop band and sometimes like a experimental avant garde ensemble but overall it's a surprisingly good combination. Melt White is not of  'Sgt. Pepper' greatness but it has some simularities. God Save the Thieves and Strangersare pure McCartney pop.

1. Aria 02:19
2. People Want to Be Happy 03:28
3. Miniature Day Parade 03:30
4. Panthers 04:04
5. Begs Me Not To Beg 03:18
6. God Save the Thieves 04:44
7. Maybe It's Not Me 03:26
8. Strangers 03:03
9. Bums on the Radio 03:15
10. Pop Mission 02:08
11. If I Was a Farmer 06:00.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Brass Bed With Allison Bohl - On Nilsson

Brass Bed and long-time collaborator Allison Bohl, decided to have a go on four of Harry’s songs. They created somewhat haunted versions of his songs. The songs "He's Large" and "He Needs Me" are from the live action Popeye movie (1980). 

It's nice but as an introduction to Harry Nilsson’s work, you would be better served by actually picking up one of Harry's records (Aerial Ballet or Nilsson Schmilsson preferably). Those interested in Brass Bed should check out his album "Melt White", pure McCartney pop.

He Needs Me
 He’s Large
Don’t Forget Me.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Harry Nilsson - Rarities

Some Harry performances wich could be considdered rare if internet didn't exist.
Some titles are double but the sources are different

A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night (HD Quality)
Son Of Scmilsson Audio Visual Tour (Add)
The Music Of Nilsson BBC Preview
Did Somebody Drop His Mouse - A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night Live at the BBC
Beatlefest rehearsel 1992 with Liverpool (Beatles tribute band)
At Peggy March show
Rare Harry Nilsson Vol 1. The Music Of Nilsson
Rare Harry Nilsson Vol 2. A Touch of Schmilsson In The Night
Rare Harry Nilsson Vol 3. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Dean Torkington and James Brian Healless - The Bat Strikes Back

The album Meat Loaf should have made but didn't. Tribute act Dean Torkington and James Brian Healless did. Dean and James wrote all the tracks in the best Meat Loaf & Jim Steinman tradition.
The story of Dean Torkington is rather sad. Meat Loaf sued Dean in 2012 for using The domain had been in use by Dean for more than 10 years, but he lost the lawsuit. Dean wasn't a fan of Meat Loaf after that and continued as a Elthn John tribute act. Read it all here.

01 The Bat Strikes back
02 The Days When We Were Young
03 To Hell And Back
04 Last Survivor
05 Should Have Known Better
06 If I Was King
07 Without You

©2008 Artist Selfrelease EU.TBSBDEC08 MCPS
mp3 320 kbps

Monday, May 24, 2021

Colin Scot - Just Another Clown

The second album from Colin Scot is the first album he made for Warner Brothers. Scot surrounds him with some big names in music again; Bassist Nick Potter, Rare Birth members Fred Kelly and Dave Kaffinetti, Guitar teacher John Pearse, Drummer legend Ray Cooper and producer Tom Newman.
Just like its predecessor (here), this release also failed to make an impact.

01 I'm A Dreamer
02 Then You Won't Be Blue
03 Sunday Morning
04 It's Over Now
05 Baby, I Got News For You
06 Bluebird
07 Lament
08 Edward And Charley And Me
09 You're Singing My Song
10 A Simple Song

©1973 Warner Bros. Records - K46236
mp3 320 kbps

Thursday, May 20, 2021

The Mirza Men - Beatles In L.A.

No, it's not a misprint for mersey men!
The Mirza concerned here is Mirza Al Sharif. You can hear him on bongos, conga or timbales throughout this album.
12 early Beatles songs in Latin style produced by Nigel Hunter and great arrangements by Ido Martin and Dick Abell. 
Vinyl rip - No cleanup

01 Eight Days A Week
02 Michelle
03 I Saw Her Standing There
04 A Hard Days Night
05 Tell Me What You See
06 MI Feel Fine
07 Can't Buy Me Love
08 Yesterday
09 I'm Down
10 Eleanor Rigby
11 She's A Woman
12 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

Silverline DJSL.002
mp3 320 kbps

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Neville Dickie - Honky Tonk Favourites

I've digitized my copy of Neville's Honky Tonk Favourites.
I didn't do any restoration on it so it's possible to hear some noises that weren't on the original recordings. 

Neville Dickie had a Top 40 UK hit single in 1969 with "Robin's Return". It is on the album but somehow it isn't mentioned on the front cover.

01 Canadian Capers
02 Sweet Lorraine
03 M.I. Stomp
04 Tea For Two
05 Honky Tonk Train Blues
06 My Very Good Friend The Milkman
07 Boogie Woogie Stomp
08 The Robin's Return
09 For Me And My Gal
10 Bohemia Rag
11 B.F. Stomp
12 Sleepy Time Gal
13 Happy Days
14 Honeysuckle Rose

mp3 320 kbps

Saturday, May 08, 2021

Kiefo Nilsson - Son of Nilsson

Demo versions of Harry Nilsson songs by Kiefo Nilsson.
The album idea started in 2010 but has never materialized.

01. Ambush (5:22) / 02 Daybreak (3:29) / 03 Down By The Sea (2:51) /
04. Early In The Morning (3:05) / 05 Rainmaker (3:08) / 06 Jesus Christ
You're Tall (3:58) / 07 The Puppy Song (4:06) / 08 Kojak Columbo (4:01) /
09. Living Without You (6:50) / 10 Open Your Window (3:07)

2018 AppleCore
mp3 320 kbps

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Superstarslive vol. 10: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Concert from Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.
Recorded At Hellfest June 22, 2018

01. Victim of Circumstance (3:20) / 02. Cherry Bomb (2:22) / 03. Hello Hellfest (0:09)
04. Do You Wanna Touch Me (4:46) / 05. Bad Reputation (3:37)
06. You Drive Me Wild (3:39) / 07. Intro (0:41) / 08. Light Of Day (3:38)
09. The French Song (3:17) / 10. A Kick In The Ass (0:22) / 11. Love Is Pain (3:19)
12. This Is fetish (0:22) / 13. Fetish (3:09) / 14. A Girl With A Electric Guitar (0:39)  
15. Fresh Start (3:13) / 16. I Love Rock 'n' Roll (3:03) / 17. Crimson & Clover (3:41)
18. I Hate Myself for Loving You (4:49)

2020 AppleCore
mp3 320 kbps

Monday, December 14, 2020

Superstarslive vol. 9: The Blockheads

Concert from the Blockheads featuring Suggs. Recorded and
broadcasted by BBC 6 radio.

01 Intro / 02 Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick  03 Cheers, Chat and
Band Introduction / 04 I Want To Be Straight / 05 Cheers and Chat
06 Cowboys / 07 My Old Man / 08 Cheers, Chat with Suggs
09 One Love / 10 Cheers, Chat and Intro To Dance Little Rude Boy
11 Dance Little Rude Boy / 12 Cheers, Thank You Audiance (Ian Dury)

2020 AppleCore
mp3 320 kbps

Friday, December 04, 2020

Superstarslive vol. 8: Earth and Fire

On June 30, 1988, digital recordings were made of a concert
in Cadzand, the Netherlands by Earth and Fire
This on the initiative of the Dutch broadcasting company TROS,
which broadcasts more than an hour of these recordings as part
of TROS Digital on August 28, 1989. The Kayak hit "Ruthless
Queen" is performed as an encore.

Jerney Kaagman: Vocals
Ab Tamboer: Drums
Jons Pistoort: Keyboards,
Ton Scherpenzeel: Keyboards
Age Kat: Guitar

01 Don't Say It / 02 Fire Of Love / 03 Queen Of Hearts
04 Storm And Thunder / 05 Love At An End
06 Wild And Exciting / 07 Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight
08 Weekend / 09 Love Of Life / 10 Memories
11 Ruthless Queen
©2020 AppleCore
mp3 320 kbps

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

.Willem van Hanegem - Don't Forget Me (Nilsson cover)/Carol (7" single)

Who doesn't know Willem van Hanegem? One of the best football
(soccer) players in the 60s, 70s and 80s of the last century.

After his football career, he ventured his luck as a singer. He took
a Harry Nilsson tune for his big singing breakthrough. The B side
was written by Hans Vermeulen from Sandy Coast.
Willem said it failed to chart due to a lack of promotion from CBS. 

I think Willem is a better singer then Harry could play soccer
but that's about it.

His son Willem van Hanegem jr. (Son of Willlemm ūüėĄ) is
a quite popular trance/house/rave producer.

a: Don't Forget Me (H. Nilsson) - 3:03
b: Caroll (H. Vermeulen) - 3:00

©1986 CBS (CBS 650031)
mp3 320 kbps

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Superstarslive vol. 7: Electric Light Orchestra

First Concert of the Electric Light Orchestra after Jeff Lynne
decided it was time to restart ELO.

Jeff Lynne – lead vocals, guitar
Richard Tandy – keyboards, synthesisers, backing vocals
BBC Concert Orchestra – Strings

01. All Over the World / 02. Evil Woman / 03. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle / 04. Showdown
05. Livin’ Thing / 06. Strange Magic / 07. 10538 Overture / 08. Can’t Get It Out
of My Head / 09. Sweet Talkin’ Woman / 10. Turn to Stone / 11. Steppin’ Out
12. Handle With Care / 13. Don’t Bring Me Down / 14. Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King
15. Telephone Line / 16. Mr Blue Sky / 17. Roll Over Beethoven
©2020 AppleCore
mp3 320 kbps