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Janis Joplin

Blow All My Blues Away

9 cd compilation

1962 - 1970

This set of archival recordings lets us witness the formation of arguably the most powerful and expressive voice in rock history. From the earliest known performances in the small bars of Texas to the first sessions with Big Brother to her mesmerizing live shows, Janis never left behind her raw roots. She drew upon them to impel emotional performances as if by exposing her pain she gained power over her past and transformed it into a gift. In these newly sourced pearls, we can hear as never before the birth and fast burning flame of Janis Joplin.

Included are outtakes and unreleased songs from the 1968 "Cheap Thrills" studio sessions, demos for the 1969 Kozmic Blues album and vast improvements on all existing vintage (1962-65) live recordings. The vintage recordings, in particular, are wonderful and although we
had some of this material from the long out of print "Janis" movie
soundtrack vinyl release, this collection has 39 (!) tracks recorded
between 1962-65 including the ubiquitous "Typewriter Tapes" made by Jorma. The final CD finally unchains the urgent expression and lets it be heard in a complete Big Brother concert from 1967. Sit down by your window, put this set on, and blow all your blues away.

CD#1 (66:29) The Early Years 1962-63

John Riley's Home, Austin, Texas 1962 //1. What Good Can Drinkin Do
Threadgill's Bar, Austin, Texas 1962 / 2. CC Rider / 3. San Francisco Bay Blues / 4. Wining Boy Blues / 5. Careless Love / 6. I'll Drown In My Own Tears / San Jose Coffeeshop w/Jorma Kaukonen & Steve Mann 1962 / 7. Honky Tonk Angel / 8. Empty Pillow On My Bed / Grant Ave. Coffeehouse, late 1962 or early 1963 / 9. Gospel Ship / 10. Stealing / 11. Leaving This Morning / 12. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy / 13. Careless Love / 14. Bourgeois Blues / 15. Black Mountain Blues, Austin, Texas Reel #1: 1963 / 16. Trouble In Mind / 17. What Good Can Drinking Do / 18. Silver Threads & Golden Needles / 19. Mississippi River / 20. Stealing
21. No Reason For Living, Austin, Texas Reel #2: 1964 / 22. I'll Drown In My Own Tears / 23. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy / 24. Careless Love / 25. San Francisco Bay Blues / 26. Wining Boy Blues / 27. CC Rider / 28. Leaving This Morning

CD#2 (73:25) The Middle Years 1964-68

"The Typewriter Tape" w/Jorma Kaukonen & Margaretta Kaukonen (typewriter)
San Jose, CA 25 June 1964 Jorma's Mother's House
1. Typewriter Talk / 2. Trouble In Mind / 3. Kansas City Blues / 4. Hesitation Blues / 5. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out / 6. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy / 7. Long Black Train Blues
San Francisco 1965 w/Dick Oxtrot Jazz Band
8. Black Mountain Blues / 9. Walk Right In / 10. River Jordan / 11. Mary Jane
Janis & Big Brother & The Holding Company Sessions 1967-68
Mainstream LP Session Outtakes with Big Brother & The Holding Co.
12. (1967) Call On Me / 13. (1967) Bye, Bye Baby
Cheap Thrills Studio Session Outtakes w/Big Brother & The Holding Co.
14. (03/19/68) Its A Deal / 15. (03/19/68) Easy Once You Know How / 16. (03/25/68) Roadblock / 17. (03/25/68) Flower In The Sun / 18. (03/25/68) Misery'n / 19. (03/25/68) Catch Me Daddy / 20. (03/25/68) Farewell Song / 21. (03/28/68) Summertime

CD#3 (70:06) The Late Years 1968-70

Cheap Thrills Studio Session Outtakes cont.
1. (04/01/68) Misery'n / 2. (04/01/68) Catch Me Daddy / 3. (06/12/68) Harry
The Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI 01/02 MAR 1968
4. Magic Of Love / 5. Down On Me / 6. Piece Of My Heart
Amsterdam 01 APR 1969 w/The Kozmic Blues Band
7. Maybe / 8. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) / 9. Ball And Chain
Kozmic Blues Outtakes & Demos - June & July 1969
10. Dear Landlord (outtake) / 11. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out (Demo) / 12. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) (Demo) / 13. Let's Don't Quit (Demo) / 14. Get It While You Can #1 (Demo) / 15. Get It While You Can #2 (inc.) (Demo)
3/28/70 Studio Session Outtakes with The Butterfield Blues Band
16. One Night Stand (1) Outtake / 17. One Night Stand (2) Outtake
"The Dick Cavett Show" ABC-TV 25 JUN 1970
18. Get It While You Can

CD#4 (73:59) Live Big Brother

California Hall, San Francisco, CA 12 FEB 1967
w/Big Brother & The Holding Co.
1. Call On Me / 2. Combination Of The Two / 3. Blow My Mind / 4. Down On Me / 5. All Is Loneliness/Drum Solo / 6. Road Block / 7. Light Is Faster Than Sound / 8. Bye Bye Baby / 9. Goin' To Brownsville / 10. Ball And Chain / 11. I Know You Rider

CD#5 Early Janis

Studio (unknown, from acetate) backed by jazz band, date? early
1) Black Mountain / 2) Careless Love
San Francisco, CA, unknown venue, Fall 1962
3) Gospel Ship / 4) Stealin' / 5) Leavin' This Mornin' / 6) Daddy Daddy Daddy / 8) Careless Love / 9) Bourgeoise Blues / 10) Black Mountain
Folk Theater, San Jose, CA DEC 1962 with Steve Talbot
11) Honky Tonk Angel / 12) Empty Pillow / 13) Red Mountain Burgundy / 14) ?? unknown title / 15) Mary Jane
KPFA Studios, San Francisco, CA 18 JAN 1963 with Larry Hanks, RogerPerkins& host Gert Cherito
16) Black Mountain / 17) Columbus Stockade
Jorma Kaukonen's House, San Jose, CA, probably 1964 with Steve Mann
18) Winin' Boy Blues / 19) Trouble in Mind

CD# 6 Live Big Brother

Big Brother & The Holding Co. Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 23 JUN 1968 (low gen. 1/2 track reel)
1) (cuts in) Combination of the 2 -> / 2) I Need A Man To Love / 3) It's Just History / 4) Light Is Faster Than Sound / 5) Summertime / 6) Mr. Natural (cuts)
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 1968 (FM)
7) Bye Bye Baby / 8) Women is Losers / 9) All is Loneliness / 10) Call On Me / 11) Ball & Chain

CD#7 Various Outtakes and Live Sets I

1) So Sad to Be Alone (1965) / 2) San Francisco Blues (San Francisco 1963) / 3) Apple of My Eye / 4) 219 Train / 5) Codine / 6) Down & Out / 7) Turtle Blues / 8) I Ain't Got A Worry / 9) Brownsville (circa 1965) / 10) Catch Me Daddy (Brownsville) / 11) Piece of My Heart(from the D.A. Pennebaker out-of-print video "Comin' Home." Recorded at the New Generation Club, NYC, April 1968) / 12) Down On Me(Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco 1966) / 13) Summertime14) / I Need A Man To Love / 15) (chat with Don Adams)(Hollywood Palace Show, 26 OCT 1968) / 16) Combination of the Two / 16) Farewell Song("Cheap Thrills" outtakes 1968)

CD#8 Various Outtakes and Live Sets II

1) Piece of My Heart / 2) Summertime / 3) Coo Coo / 4) Combination of the Two / 5) Ball & Chain / 6) Down On Me / 7) Piece of My Heart (reprise)(Newport Festival, August 1968) / 8) interview / 9) Piece of My Heart / 10) Summertime / 11) Me / 12) Raise Your Hand / 13) Work Me Lord(Swedish TV, April 1969) / 14) Stay With Me / 15) Walk Right(Winterland, San Francisco, 21 March 1969)

CD#9: Various Outtakes and Live Sets III

1) Dick Cavett introduction / 2) To Love Somebody / 3) interview (Dick Cavett Show, July 1969) / 4) Little Girl Blue / 5) Raise your Hand (w/Tom Jones) / 6) Kosmic Blues / 7) Ego Rock (w/ Johnny Winter) / 8) Help Me Baby (w/ Johnny Winter; title uncertain)(Boston Music Hall, 11 December 1969) / 9) One Night Stand (w/ Paul Butterfield Band)(Columbia Studios, March 1970) / 10) Mercedes Benz / 11) Try / 12) My Baby (Final Concert, Harvard Stadium, 12 August 1970) / 13) My Baby(Dick Cavett Show, March 1970) / 14) Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down(Ken Threadgill's Birthday Party,Austin, TX, 10 July 1970)

An Archival Group Effort For The Love Of The Music
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Glenn Hughes And Friends
A Tribute to Tommy Bolin

the Tommy Bolin Archives (TBACD-12) 1998
E.V.E.N.T. Records/SPV (SPV 085-60182) 1999

Recorded August 22 & 23 1997 at the Bluebird Theater, Denver, Colorado.

Musicians: Glenn Hughes - vocals/bass (6, 7, 8,10), Terry Brooks - keyboards, harmony vocal. Ralph Patlan - guitar, Robert Ware - bass (1,2,3,4,5,6,9). Johnnie Bolin - drums, Rocky Athas - guitar

1. Teaser [4:22] 2. Shake The Devil [3:38] 3. Tou Told Me That You Loved Me [5.27] 4. Gypsy Soul [4:50] 5. Alexis [4:33] 6. Coast To Coast [8:30] 7. Gettin' Tighter [7:59] 8. You Keep On Movin' [10:02] 9. Dreamer [5:56] 10. Your Love Is Alright [7:19]

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Deborah Chesher - Nilsson Nilssonsson...

She was a rock'n'roll photographer back when the music business was about the music. She has released the book "Everybody I Shot Is Dead", a collection of her photographs of the musicians who have passed, along with her personal stories. This is one of her stories.

Do You Believe In Ghosts? Tuesday, June 19, 2007

As this blog is my witness, yesterday I was writing the text to go with my Harry Nilsson pictures. It was a tough write because there was a lot to say in very little space, but I finished it. And it started me wondering what really happened to that last album he had finished the vocal tracks on just days before he passed away. I thought about trying to get in touch with my friend who I knew Harry through, but then I was thinking, there's really no time to do that. And besides, I was pretty happy with how the text finally came out. Then last night Harry was in one of my dreams but I've been so tired lately, I'm not remembering the details of my dreams when I wake up. But he was definitely present. I know, I know, it's not uncommon to dream about someone when you've just been focused on them for seven hours.

Today I had appointments with both companies that are doing the scans for the book. While I was driving there I got a phone call from one of my movie clients asking something about a previous job I'd done for her. A couple of seconds into the call she said my voice was garbled. We hung up and she called me back. It was still garbled, even though I could hear her perfectly. Then I got another call and the same thing happened. Okay, I need to get my cell phone fixed.

After all my meetings over the hill, I dropped by Sprint - the store near my house where I knew they had while-you-wait repair service. I go in only to find out they closed the repair counter down because there wasn't enough traffic. They gave me a piece of paper with listings of a bunch of repair places and circled the second one of the list. I don't know why they picked the second one when the first one was as close, or closer.

I drove the 3 miles East on Ventura Blvd and pulled into the parking area that was overflowing with cars from from the local gym, thinking I really need to go to my gym. Fortunately, there was a reserved spot open in front of the cell phone repair shop. (Of course there was...I have a parking fairy, but that's another story). I walk in the shop and notice two guys sitting behind the service counter. The guy on the right asks what he can do for me before I even reach the counter. The other guy was online and talking to a guy leaning on the side of the counter. I tell the guy helping me that the mic is not working on my phone. He asks to see it and immediately informs me that he probably doesn't have the part, but he'll look it up.

How am I doing at dragging this story out? Pretty good, eh?

So, while he's tending to that, the other guy turns to me and asks if I know how to spell the name of the restaurant "Pasche." I gave it a shot - P-a-s-c-h-e - but they didn't think that was right and my guy was ready for me with my prognosis so I turned back to him. He said they didn't have the part and couldn't fix my phone. Shit. But the store in Encino could probably fix it since they were a corporate Sprint, whereas these guys were independent and weren't provided with a lot of older (2 years) parts. I then go out to my car to get my list to confirm with him which store it is.

When I come back in the other guy happily reports that they found the restaurant. It's P-a-c-e. "Oh, Pace," I say. Yeah, but it's called Pashay. Does it have an accent on the e, I ask? He shows me on the screen. Yes. And then calls the restaurant. While my guy is calling the other Sprint place to make sure they have the part, I overhear that last part of the other guy making a reservation. I thought he was doing it for the other customer. I wasn't paying much attention until, out of the corner of my ear, I heard him spell N-i-l-s-s-o-n and say it was for four.

I glanced at him and when he hung up the phone I made some smartass comment like, "So, I'm invited to dinner?" as the spelling of the name sunk in. How odd, I thought, as he joked back, "Sure, dinner's at 7:30." Then I mumbled, "You don't happen to know Harry. do you?" "Excuse me?" "Sorry, I just heard you spell Nilsson. Just wondered if you knew Harry."


"No shit." As I looked at him a little closer. Of course. He looked a lot like him.

"Yup. Harry Nilsson is my dad."

I immediately went into my "Oh my God, you're not going to believe this but I'm doing a book and your dad is in it..." spiel. I don't think he believed me at first, until I started filling in the details with evidence that I did actually know his dad. And then he had lots of questions, as did "whatever happened to the album he was working on when he died?"

He was as freaked out as I was that I had just been writing about Harry yesterday. We talked about a bunch of stuff and I gave him a postcard on the book. We exchanged information and I told him I'd be in touch so he could see the pictures. And that I'd give his family a print when I got them done and then I left...


I mean what are the chances that he'd spell his name on the phone when I happened to be standing there? Hell, what are the chances that Harry Nilsson's son would be behind the counter at a cell phone store I was sent to to get my phone fixed?

Especially since I'd run into the woman who is directing my movie at the scanners earlier in the day. And we had a long talk while she looked at the mock-up of my book. She also had some good news about our movie and we discussed how great things were working out for both of us. I made a comment about how cool it was that things and people were just connecting out of the blue for us and that it was a sign that we were going in the right direction.

So, I'm guessing you think the story is over now, right?

It's not.

I got in my car and as I was leaving the parking lot a song came on the radio.

It was One by Three Dog Night. My all-time favorite Three Dog Night song. They don't play it much on the radio anymore.

Do you know who wrote One?

Harry Nilsson.

And what could be weirder than that?

Someone called my cell phone as soon as I got home. The caller could hear me just fine. Then someone else called. That caller could hear me just fine. And then someone else, and someone else. There's nothing wrong with my phone.

Hi, Harry. Thanks for visiting. Feel free to stop by any time.

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Billion Dollar Babies
Battle Axe

As their former frontman continued his popular theatrical antics, three members of the original band (guitarist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway, and drummer Neal Smith) formed the band Billion Dollar Babies, named after the 1973 Alice Cooper album and song. With keyboardist Bob Dolin and guitarist Mike Marconi rounding out the quintet, the band recorded only one album, on which they played straight-ahead rock and roll similar to the music they made with Cooper. Bruce handles vocal duties (as he sometimes did on the first two albums). His voice is less menacing than Cooper's, though he usually sounds like he is mimicking his style. There's nothing great on Battle Axe, but it is consistently energetic and entertaining.

The LP bombed commercially, and the Billion Dollar Babies never recorded a second album. The Battle Axe LP has been out of print since the late 70's and had two (not compleatly legal) CD re-issues, first in 2001 as a rip-off 3 CD-set. That CD was no more than a ripped LP burned onto CD. Second re-issue was in 2004 by C(um) O(n) E(verybody) Records. COE used a good source tape and so their CD is much more enjoyable to listen to (no vinyl ticks and clicks!).

It's here at 320 KB/s, including the original artwork.
If you're an early Alice Cooper fan than this is a must have!

Tracklisting: Too Young / Shine Your Love / I Miss You / Wasn't I The One / Love Is Rather Blind / Rock And Roll Radio / Dance With Me / Rock Me Slowly / Ego Mania / Battle Axe (Sudden Death) / Winner

Tony Visconti
Tony Visconti's Inventory

Tony Visconti is one of the most influential producers and has worked with David Bowie, T. Rex, Jon Anderson, Paul McCartney, Sparks, Morrisey, Ziggy Marley, Kristeen Young and many others . He made an album wich was advertised as his first soloalbum on the assuming that there were more to come. Tony recorded some demo's but part two never saw the daylight. Those demo's were all included on the 1998 re-release of this album.

There are a variety of musical styles on the album s.a. rock, classical, doo whop, country and folk but all of them were brought with love for the style.

1. What a Dilemma 1:53 / 2. Hello 0:31 / 3. Inventory 2:57 / 4. I Remember Brooklyn 2:48 / 5. Middle of Your Heart 3:43 / 6. Let Me Cast Your Chart 3:39 / 7. Speak to Me Of Love 3:31 / 8. Dance Children Dance 4:03 / 9. Mope-itty Mope Stomp 2:28 / 10. I Can't Help It 2:49 / 11. A Field of Heather 3:26 / 12. The Cabaret is Over 3:28 / 13. Bodhi Tree 3:01 / 14. Let's Grow a Little Garden 2:04 / 15. (Sweet Baby Suite) Baby 1:40 / 16. Now that the Baby is Coming 2:42 / 17. Delaney My Son 2:42 / 18. Clorrisa 3:28 / 19. Skinny Rose 1:59 / 20. Conasuela 2:22 / 21. Scenescof 3:46 / 22. Nothing Can Be Very Wrong 2:15 / 23. Hunger Sucks 2:58 / 24. Wholetone 1:17 / 25. It Feels Like Death 3:17 / 26. And You Go 1:20

tracks 1 - 12

tracks 13 - 26