Thursday, November 26, 2009

Justin Hayward & Mike Batt
Classic Blue

©1989 Trax MODCD 1040
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This album is a compilation of personal fovourites from Justin and Mike, both incredible gifted musicians themselves. You'll find cover versions of Richard Harris' "MacArthur Park", the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" and Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven". Hayward hit the right tone most of the time and the orchestration of Batt is solid but it's not what you'd expect. It's not sparkling like some of Justin's Moody Blues work or surprising like most of Mike's solo work does. What you get is flawless redemptions of evergreens.

01. Tracks of My Tears / 02. MacArthur Park / 03. Blackbird / 04. Vincent / 05. God Only Knows / 06. Bright Eyes / 07. Whiter Shade of Pale / 08. Scarborough Fair / 09. Railway Hotel / 10. Man of the World / 11. Forever Autumn / 12. As Long as the Moon Can Shine / 13. Stairway to Heaven

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Harry Nilsson
A Touch More Schmilsson In The Night
©1988 BMG/RCA PD9251
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Although this release is filled with alternate takes and previous unreleased tracks it is, as a whole, a very enjoyable album. There are twelve exeptionally, timeless, pieces of art on this cd. This is part two of "A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night", his homage to the songs of the first half of the 20th century, made together with the orchestra of Gordon Jenkins, the man behind the music of Frank Sinatra. For more info go to
I'm always Chasing Rainbows / Make Believe / You Made me Love You(I Didn't Want To Do It) / Trust In Me / Lullaby in Ragtime (alt. take) / All I Think About Is You (from Knnillssonn) / Perfect Day (from Knnillssonn)/ Always (alt. take) / It's Only A Paper Moon / It Had To Be You (alt.take) / Thanks for the Memory / Over The Rainbow

Frank Sinatra
In The Wee Small Hours at High Speed
©1955 Capitol Records 7243 4 96985 2
MP3 320 Kbps CD-rip

If you think the album-art looks familiar than listen to this album, you will be amazed and discover where Harry did get his inspiration.
"In the Wee Small Hours" is without a doubt one of Sinatra's best albums. The quality of recordings is extraordinary good for it's time (1955). Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle's orchestra produced an album of amazing heartbreaking lovesongs. These 16 ballads, recorded in just a few days after his break-up with Ava Gardner, sustains a midnight mood of loneliness and lost love. If you got the blues it won't get better if you put this record on.
01. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning / 02. Mood Indigo / 03. Glad To Be Unhappy / 04. I Get Along Without You Very Well / 05. Deep In A Dream / 06. I See Your Face Before Me / 07. Can’t We Be Friends? / 08. When Your Lover Has Gone / 09. What Is This Thing Called Love / 10. Last Night When We Were Young / 11. I’ll Be Around / 12. Ill Wind / 13. It Never Entered My Mind / 14. Dancing On The Ceiling / 15. I’ll Never Be The Same / 16. This Love Of Mine
Still think that the picture is from something else? You're right'. It's a scene from the 1954 movie "Crime Wave" directed by André de Toth.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Suzi Quatro
Annie Get Your Gun

(p)1986 Exallshow Ltd / 1st Night Records OCR CD6024
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More Klaatu related stuff later but now something completely different. And different it was for Suzi Quatro. Just a few years before she was rocking hard and now she's doing a musical. A strange carreer move (remember rocker Marty Wild playing Dr. Doolottle in 1968?). She did a fine Annie Oakley but don't expext a rocking Annie. She starred with Eric Flynn and Edmund Hockridge in this 1986 production of Irving Berlin's classic wild west musical.
Tracks: 1. Overture 2:08 / 2. Colonel Buffalo Bill 3:15 / 3. I'm A Bad Bad Man 2:27 / . Doin' What Comes Naturally 3:35 / 5. The Girl That I Marry 1:08 / 6. You Can't Get A Man With A Gun 2:44 / 7. There's No Business Like Show Business 4:12 / 8. The Say It's Wonderful 4:29 / 9. Moonshine Lullaby 3:47 / 11. Wild Horse Ceremonial Dance 4:03 / 12. I'm An Indian Too 3:19 / 13. I Got Lost In His Arms 3:04 / 14. I Got The Sun In The Morning 4:54 / 15. Old Fashioned Wedding 2:27 / 16. Anything You Can Do 3:22 / 17. hey Say It's Wonderful 1:36 / 18. There's No Business Like Show Business 2:03

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dee Long

©2002 Magentalane Music/Bullseye BLR-CD-4036
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A singer/Songwriter of considerable talent, Dee Long paid his dues as a member of Klaatu, the enigmatic prog-rock band of the 70's.The experience wasn't lost on Dee, who continues to write and perform music that is just a little left of the main stream, and very much influenced by pop culture

Outside features a collection of quirky and imaginative tunes drawn from a far reaching variety of subjects.From the quest for the meaning of life, through the latest issue of MAD magazine, to the larger than life rock icon, this album navigates the netherworlds of the imagination, while exploring the cutting edge of music technology.

From a musical standpoint, Outside is a wonderful collage of influences from the psychedelic 60's to the 21st century, each explored and experimented with through the ears of a man who know's what he likes, and refuses to be pigeon holed into an easily identified category.Klaatu fans will be amazed at how much of the bands vision Dee Long has managed to maintain two decades after the band pasted into the mists of music history.
Track List: Meaning of Life / (Make Love in) Zero Gravity / Mad Magazine / Outside / You Are Too Beautiful / Chromosome Syndrome / Time Will Tell / Collecting Icons / Wait For You / It's Good / Good Night Universe