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The End ?

I'm taking a break.
I'll give you a few links wich I think are worth checking out and will keep you busy for sometime.

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The Original Sountrack Of "Girls"

In 1978, 10cc made quite an impression again, not only with another hit record, but also with the videoclip for it. Based on personal experiences during a holiday in the Caribbean, "Dreadlock Holiday" became a big hit all over the world

However, during this successful time for the band, Eric had a car accident and needed time to recover from serious injuries.

When Eric started to work again, he was asked to write the soundtrack for the film "Girls" and this project resulted in the release of his first solo album in Februari 1980.

Eric Stewart: Guitars, Bass, Fender Electric Piano / Duncan Mackay: Grand Piano, Clavinet, Yamaha CS80, Taurus Bass Pedals, Rolland Vocorder Strings and Choir / Paul Burgess: Drums, Percussion / Rick Fenn: Guitar Solo / Simon Philips: Drums / Alan Jones: Bass Guitar / Graham Gouldman: Acoustic Guitars, Autoharp (Make the pieces fit)

Girls Opening Music (Mackay/Stewart) / Girls (Stewart) / Disco Grindin' (Mackay/Stewart) / Witch Le Bitch (Stewart/Mackay) / Disco Bumpin' (Mackay/Stewart) / Aural Exciter (Stewart/Mackay) / Warm, Warm, Warm (Stewart) / Tonight (Stewart/Mackay) / Snatch The Gas (Stewart/Mackay) / Your Touch Is Soft (Mackay/Stewart) / Trouble Shared (Stewart/Mackay) / Discollapse (Stewart/Mackay) / Make The Pieces Fit (Stewart)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Laura Cantrell

She resembles a bit early Nanci Griffith and her voice is at times like Lucinda Williams. She sings relaxed like she's sitting right beside you and seems really to enjoy herself. You can't quite classify Cantrell's music or vocal style but it's sure a departure from the overproduced all-sound-alike stuff on the radio. I hope she becomes a big commercial success but in the same time let's hope Nashville keeps its hands off her sound. One Shania is more than enough.

Sampler with some live recordings, demo's, radio performances and album tracks.

01 14th Street
First song on "Humming By The Flowered Vine," written by Emily Spray.
02 Bees
Co-written by Laura with Jay Sherman-Godfrey, this song is dedicated to the late Zeke Manners and inspired the title for "Humming By The Flowered Vine."
03 Hammer & Nails
Written by Dave Schramm and produced by JD Foster, this "Humming by the Flowered Vine" out-take features Joey Burns, John Convertino and Paul Niehaus from Calexico.
04 Nightclothes & Headphones
A collaboration with electronica artist Jason Forrest from his album "Shamelessly Exciting," in memory of the late John Peel.
05 I'll Remember You
Laura is supported by Mark Spencer, Jimmy Ryan and Jeremy Chatzky on this sentimental favorite from Hawaiian songwriter Kui Lee, recorded for BBC Radio 1 "OneMusic" on June 2, 2005.
06 Letters
Recorded live @ McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA, this acoustic version of the Lucinda Williams song features Mark Spencer on guitar, Jimmy Ryan on mandolin and Jeremy Chatzky on bass.
07 I Lost You (But I Found Country Music)
A duet with Gordon McIntire of the Scottish band Ballboy, performed live on John Peel's annual Christmas broadcast on BBC Radio 1, December 23, 2003.
08 Rain Boy
A cover of obscure Memphis honky tonker Bruce Brakefield, broadcast live from Peel Acres on BBC Radio 1 in May, 2003.
09 When The Roses Bloom Again
The title track of the second album is an outtake from the Billy Bragg & Wilco album "Mermaid Avenue." Originally thought to be written by Woody Guthrie, the lyric has been traced back to an early 20th century Tin Pan Alley composition.
10 All The Same To You
From "When The Roses Bloom Again," written by Joe Flood.
11 High On A Hilltop
Laura covers a Tommy Collins classic. Studio outtake from "When the Roses Bloom Again."
12 Conqueror's Song
Laura & The Schramms recorded live at Off Broadway in St. Louis, written by Dave Schramm.
13 Indoor Fireworks
An underrated Elvis Costello gem from his "King of America" album, recorded for World Cafe at the Sirius studios in NYC.
14 Hong Kong Blues
The Hoagy Carmichael standard recorded at BBC's Maida Vale studios in London for a 2002 Peel Session.
15 Not The Tremblin' Kind
The title track to the debut album, written by George Usher.
16 Churches Off The Interstate
From "Not The Tremblin' Kind," written by Laura Cantrell.
17 Cellar Door
From "The Hello Recordings," produced by John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants.
18 Poor Side Of Town
Johnny Rivers hit recorded for World Cafe (but never broadcast).
19 Legend In My Time
Don Gibson classic broadcast live from John Peel's home on BBC Radio 1 in February, 2001.
20 Two Seconds
From the 2001 "Not the Tremblin' Kind" album
21 Do You Ever Think Of Me
Another track From the "Not the Tremblin' Kind" album

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The American Dream

(Rhodes/Merrygoround) AM Records 1971 (67-68)
Vinyl rip 192 Kbps

Billboard magazine called him "one of the finest artists on the music scene today" in 1971 and in 1996 referred to his debutalbum as one of the "best albums of the decade".

The American Dream is released in 1971 and is considered his third album. It is, in fact, his first. All recordings were made in 1967-1968. He recorded some of them with his previous band the Merry Go Round and some solo. The influence of Paul McCartney (Mother Earth / Someone Died) and Harry Nilsson (The Man He Was / In The Days Of The Old) can definitely be felt here. If you want to know what kind of music the beatles would have made if Harry was one of them you should listen to Holly Park. He doesn't copy them but there's a big resemblance.

If you are familliar with 10cc than "Mary Will You Take My Hand" will sound familiar.

Tracks: 1. Mother Earth / 2. Pardon Me / 3. Textile Factory / 4. Someone Died / 5. Come Ride, Come Ride / 6. Let's All Sing / 7. Holly Park / 8. You're a Very Lovely Woman / 9. Mary Will You Take My Hand / 10. Man He Was / 11. In the Days of the Old / 12. 'Til the Day After

Thursday, August 17, 2006

POPEYE - Original Soundtrack - Music by Harry Nilsson

This is the original soundtrack.

Track listing:
1. I Yam What I Yam (02:15)
2. He Needs Me (03:31)
3. Swee'Pea's Lullaby (02:02)
4. Din' We (03:03)
5. Sweethaven (02:53)
6. Blow Me Down (04:07)
7. Sailin' (02:46)
8. It's Not Easy Being Me (02:17)
9. He's Large (04:19)
10. I'm Mean (02:34)
11. Kids (04:24)
12. I'm Popeye The Sailor Man (01:20)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Popeye - The Movie 1980

For just once a movie instead of an album.
Running Time: 113 minutes
Starring: Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall
Screenplay by: Harry Nilsson Music
Based on the comic strip by: E.C. Segar
Directed by: Robert Altman
The movie is not great, but "Popeye" probably isn't as bad as you have heard or remember it. The film is pretty loose in its design, and in some respects, it was probably meant to be that way since it sets up the whole Popeye character and how all these people come together in his life. I don't think audiences responded to the movie so well because it stays remarkably true to the original strip, something which many should appreciate and admire. It's a shame that was the film's downfall, though I bet many out there (the film does have plenty of fans believe it or not) give it the respect it deserves. But I bet the strip's more obscure characters and issues left audiences feeling alienated - keep in mind that this isn't a modern retelling or reimaging of who Popeye is or what he stands for. The film just wasn't - and still isn't - what people were expecting. The reason why I put it here? Harry Nilsson wrote the music and lyrics.
Also take a look at

NZB (usenet)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mike Oldfield And FriendsTubular Bells Live
Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK, June 25, 1973.
Lineup: Mike Oldfield, Kevin Ayers, Mick Taylor, Steve Hillage, Fred Firth, David Bedford, Pierre Moelin, Ted Speight and narration by Viv Stanshall.

Until he started touring regularly in the late 1970s, Mike Oldfield built up a reputation for reclusiveness that verged on hermit-hood - rarely interviewed, seldom seen, he simply sat in the studio, constructing his latest one man masterpiece, and apparently turning down some fabulous offers to go on the road. In fact, given the extraordinary complexity of the three albums he recorded during this period (Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn), his reluctance to perform live was scarcely surprising. If the Beatles didn't think it possible to recreate some of their stuff on stage, what hope did Kevin Ayers' old bassist have?

Just twice did Oldfield stir, once for a BBC TV performance of side one of Tubular Bells, and once for a full-fledged live presentation of the entire disc, shortly after the album's release in June 1973. Surrounding himself with friends - Ayers, David Bedford, Mick Taylor, Steve Hillage, Fred Frith, Pierre Moelin and Ted Speight (Steve Winwood dropped out after missing rehearsals), Oldfield then took over London's Queen Elizabeth Hall for a show that highlights both the strengths and the weaknesses of Tubular Bells.

The strengths are in the so-called main themes, the series of disparate melodies that give the piece its body. But the links that thread them together on vinyl are treated somewhat less forgivingly on stage. Side two of the album certainly drags, with the musicians apparently abandoning any hope of capturing its intricacies, and drowning instead in a self-inflicted sea of noodles.

The less than pristine sound quality exacerbates this problem, more so than it might on a "conventional" live performance - of course Tubular Bells was only ever conceived as a studio experience, and flaws that one might forgive on, say, a Stones live recording are amplified here to deafening proportions. At the end of the show, said one review, "the entire audience rose to its feet and hollered for more. It was one of those rare spontaneous outbursts of appreciation." Oldfield, on the other hand, swore never to play another show again.
Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality, stereo MP3s - sample rate of 192 kibit/s). This recording has been in the hands of collectors for a long time and is likely from a soundboard source. VG+ to Ex- stereo. Never released before.

Track 01
Track 02
CD inlay:

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Originally Released in Canada: October 7, 1981
Rerelease available directly from Klaatu

The publicity shy band were originally rumoured to be all or part of the Beatles and this album marks the first time names and photographs of the band. Featuring a tribute to John Lennon, 'December Dream'
Produced by: Klaatu
Orchestral Arrangements by: Jack Lenz
Cover Art by: Ted Jones
Original label: Permanent Press PPCD-52701
A Million Miles Away {John Woloschuk} (3:38) / The Love Of A Woman {John Woloschuk} (3:22) / Blue Smoke {John Woloschuk/Dino Tome} (4:41) / I Don't Wanna Go Home {John Woloschuk} (2:51) / December Dream {John Woloschuk/Terry Draper} (4:20) / Magentalane {John Woloschuk/Dino Tome} (2:35) / At The End Of The Rainbow {Dee Long} (3:30) / Mrs. Toad's Cookies {John Woloschuk/Dino Tome} (3:06) / Maybe I'll Move To Mars {Dee Long} (5:15) / Magentalane ( feels so good) {John Woloschuk/Dino Tome} (0:56)
John Woloschuk - vocals, bass, guitar, sitar, keyboards
Terry Draper - vocals, drums, percussion, guitar, keyboards, trombone
Dee Long - vocals, guitar, synthesizers

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Emitt Rhodes

Emitt Rhodes

ABC/Dunhill Records 1970

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Emitt Rhodes is Rhodes' self-titled debut album, released in 1970.
Rhodes recorded the album in his home studio. At the time, union rules required that recordings released on major labels must be recorded in proper studios, so the fact that this was a home recording could not be mentioned on the cover. The runout groove of the original LP release on Dunhill Records contained a decorative banner proclaiming, "Recorded at Home." Rhodes wanted to call the album Homecooking, but Dunhill decided to title it Emitt Rhodes.
Rhodes recorded the instruments on a four-track recorder and then approched Dunhill, who gave him a contract. He transferred the four-track instrumental recordings to an eight-track recorder to add the vocals on the four additional channels (and using a better microphone).
The album reached number 29 on the Billboard album chart. The single "Fresh as a Daisy" just missed the top forty. Billboard later called the album one of the "best albums of the decade". The song "Lullabye" was featured in the film The Royal Tenenbaums.

01 With My Face On The Floor / 02 Somebody Made For Me / 03 She's Such A Beauty / 04 Long Time No See / 05 Lullabye / 06 Fresh As A Daisy / 07 Live Till You Die / 08 Promises I've Made / 09 You Take The Dark Out Of The Night / 10 You Should Be Ashamed / 11 Ever Find Yourself Running? / 12 You Must Have

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

By the members of The Alan Parsons Project
Release 1984

Colin Blunstone(vocals), Ian Bairnson (guitars), David Patton (bass, synthesizers, backing vocals), Stuart Elliott (drums, percussion), Pete Bardens (keyboards, piano), Richard Cottle (synthesizer, saxophone).

This album was their (only) recording and is produced by Alan Parsons.
This album was recorded between 83/12 and 84/3 at Abbey Road Studios, London, and released in 84/8 in UK. This album was done simultaneously with the recording for Ammonia Avenue (released 84/2 in UK).
Eric Woolfson worked as a "coordinator," Ian, David and Stuart from APP, and Pete from Camel. Eric was introduced to Peter by Andrew Latimer, the guitarist for Camel. He chose Colin Blunstone (ex-Zombies) as a vocalist. He named the band after the restaurant he frequented, not after the poet John Keats.

Richard Cottle plays sax and keyboards as a "guest player," and continues from this point as a APP-member, starting from Vulture Culture.

This album is best described as "the Alan Parsons Project meets Camel."
Though made without Eric Woolfson, the essence of his music is heard on this album.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last Exit

Last Exit is a kind of goodbyealbum from the original Traffic
Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi.
The band broke up while recording the album and only a few songs were finished. That's the reason why it's filled with some liverecordings.
The livetracks are without Dave Mason and are more Jazzy and less Blues Rock.
Original lp release in 1969 and a CD rerelease in 1990.
Track listing: 1. Just for You (2:18) 2. Shanghai Noodle Factory (5:06) 3. Something's Got a Hold of My Toe (2:14) 4. Withering Tree (3:04) 5. Medicated Goo (3:36) 6. Feelin' Good (10:40) 7. Blind Man (7:06)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks

Buckingham Nicks has been released in 1973 by the duo Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, just a short time before they joined Fleetwood Mac and became worldfamous.
Buckingham Nicks got all the ingredients of a Fleetwood Mac album but with a milder production. Stevie's sings very good and when you listen to the way Buckingham plays the guitar tou know why Mick Fleetwood wanted him in his band. This is a "must have" album for every Mac fan.
The Buckingham Nicks lp and cassette are years "out of print" and there hasn't been a cd-release yet exept for a bootleg in 1985.
Crying in the Night / Stephanie / Without A Leg To Stand On /Crystal / Long Distance Winner / Don't Let Me Down Again / Django /Races Are Run / Lola (My Love) / Frozen Love /

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Idle Race
The Birthaday Party

Jeff Lynne is well known for his work with Roy Wood in the Move and the Electric Light Orchestra. Jeff did play in another band before he joined the Move; Idle Race.

Jeff's first record with Idle Race was "(Here We Go 'Round) The Lemon Tree" written by Roy Wood. The single doesn't hit the charts. Idle Race tries again and released "The Skeleton And The Roundabout", "End Of The Road" and "I Like My Toys". None of the singles sells but together with the flipsides they got half an album and so all of them can be found on "the birthday party" from 1968.

Tracks: Skeleton & The Roundabout / Happy Birthday/The Birthday / I Like My Toys / Morning Sunshine / Follow Me Follow / Sitting In My Tree / On With The Show / Lucky Man / Don't Put Your Boys In The Army, Mrs. Ward / Pie In The Sky / The Lady Who Said She Could Fly / End Of The Road

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Harry Nilsson - Popeye (The Original Demotapes)

The live action version of Popeye sees the light in 1980. It's the first movie for Robin Williams. Although Robin is very populair in 1980 (Mork) nobody went to the theater to watch the movie. The original soundtrack (upload later...) isn't a succes either. Not that odd if you keep in mind that the songs were sung by the actors Robin Williams, Shelly Duval en Paul L Smith and not by their writer Harry Nilsson.
Harry did record demosongs for the actors and those can be found on this bootlegalbum. This album is quite good and could have made a good Nilsson album.

01. I Yam What I Yam   02. He Needs Me   03. Swee' Pea's Lullaby   04. Din' We   05. Sweethaven   06. Blow Me Down   07. Sailin'   08. It's Not Easy Being Me   09. Everyone's Got To Eat   10. I'm Mean   11. Kids   12. I'm Popeye the Sailor Man   13. Everything Is Food   14. He Needs Me (Spanish)   15. I Yam What I Yam (instr.)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Harry Nilsson
Flash Harry

When Knnillssonn(1977) was finished, Harry breaks the contract with RCA and he signs one at Mercury. He made this album. The people at mercury are very disapointed about it and are convinced that this album won't sell anywhere. Mercury UK and Mercury Holland are the only 2 who pressed and released it officially. The album is a gigantic flop. Although the album didn't sell it contains a couple of gems. In fact, the first track by Eric Idle is the only misser.
The lp hasn't been available for years and only a bootleg cd-release exists.

Tracks: "Harry" / "Cheek to Cheek" / "Best Move" / "Old Dirt Road" / "I Don't Need You" / "Rain" / "I've Got It" / "It's So Easy" / "How Long Can Disco On" / "Bright Side of Life"

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Various Artists - Best of bootie 2005
'mash-up greatest'

2 cd's, filled with the best mash ups of 2005 made by Party Ben and Jay-R.
Tracks: Paid For My Doorbell (Eric B. & Rakim vs. White Stripes) / Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange (Gwen Stefani vs. Snoop Dogg vs. ZZ Top) / Shake That 50 Cent (50 Cent vs. The Lovemakers) / Sri Lanka High (M.I.A. vs. The Ramones) / An Honest M.I.A. (M.I.A. vs. The Bravery) / Somebody Rock Me (The Killers vs. The Clash) / La La Her Madly (The Doors vs. Goldfrapp) / Since U Been Gahan (Kelly Clarkson vs. Rex The Dog vs. Depeche Mode) / Walking With A Ghost In Paris (Tegan & Sara vs. Mylo) / Computer Talk (Coldplay vs. Kraftwerk) / Black Beatles (Beatles vs. Black-Eyed Peas vs. Ludacris vs. Kelis) / Badd To Me (Ying Yang Twins vs. The Cure) / P-Funk Is Playing At My House (LCD Soundsystem vs. Gerald A. vs. Katie Enlow) / Do You Wanna Cuz It's Tricky (Franz Ferdinand vs. Run-DMC vs. The Knack) / Big Shot Pimpin' (Billy Joel vs. Jay-Z) / It Takes Two To Kiss (Rob Base vs. Prince) / Super Holla Tricka (Beastie Boys vs. Gwen Stefani vs. A. Skillz & Krafty Kutz) / My Other Car Is A Beatle (L'Trimm vs. Armand Van Helden vs. Beatles vs. Gary Numan) / Sgt. Pepper's Paradise (Beatles vs. Guns N' Roses) / Smells Like Compton (N.W.A. vs. Nirvana)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dire Straits
Solid Rock

6 november 1988, Wembley stadion London.
The Dire Straits are almost dead and burried. Mark doesn't like to tour anymore and is much happier writing filmscores. Thanks to his friend Eric Clapton he proves that he still can make a great performance.
These recordings were never made with the intention to release them as an album but are good recordings anyhow.
tracks: Walk of life / Sultans of swing / Romeo and Juliet / Money for nothing / Brothers in arms / Wonderful tonight / Solid Rock.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Percy "Thrills" Thrillington
alias Paul McCartney

This lp, an instrumental version of "ram", has been entirely ignored by the public in 1977. Perhaps because it was not known that Thrillington and Paul McCartney were one and the same person. Because of this, the lp became, in the course of years, a real expensive collector item. An official cd-release never took place. It has been released as a bootleg in 1995, but also these appear available with difficulty.

The Mp3 version has been made by ripping a lp.

Orchestra conducted by Richard Hewson.

Production: Percy "Thrills" Thrillington.

Too Many People / 3 Legs / Ram On / Dear Boy / Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey / Smile Away / Heart Of The Country / Moonkebrry Moon Delight / Eat At Home / Long-Haired / Ram On / The Back Seat Of My Car

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mike McGear

Mike McGear's 2nd solo album. Mike McGear has been successful in beginning 60's with John Gorman and Roger McGough as Grimms still before everybody knew that his real name was Mike McCartney, brother of Paul.

At the end of the 1960s he had some hits with the Scaffold (f.i. Lily the pink and Thank you Very Much).

This album is produced by Paul McCartney and all members of Wings can be heard on every track. In fact you could consider this as a Wings album.

Release : 27 September 1974
deleted in 1977

Sea Breezes / What Do We Really Know ? / Norton / Leave It / Have You Got Problems ? / The Casket / Rainbow Lady / Simply Love You / Givin' Grease A Ride / The Man Who Found God On The Moon

Rick Parfitt (Status Quo) - Recorded Delivery

April 1985: Rick Parfitt is in the studio to record his first solo album with Pip Williams as producer and Bob Young helping with the song-writing. The session musicians are John "Rhino" Edwards and Jeff Rich. The album was enttitled "Recorded delivery", but the album was never released.

Although the album wasn't released officially it ain't bad. In comparison with the latest Quo-album "Riffs" it sounds like a masterpiece but, maybe, that tells us more about Riffs.
4 of the 10 songs were later chosen to be B-Sides of Status Quo singles: Helloween (Who gets the love). Don't give it up (Red Sky). Long legged girls (Dreamin') Late last night (bonus with "In the army" maxi-single.).

Tracks: Helloween / 999 (One good reason) / Lonely nights / Only love can break your heart /Don't give it up / Long legged girls / Show me the way / Late last night / (I miss) My baby / Richard's song (Living my life without you)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Klaatu Tribute CD
various artists

Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...three musicians banded together and created some of the most amazing tunes ever to grace the celestial heavens. Their identities kept secret for a while, they were simply known at the time as "Klaatu." The band's first album 3:47 EST reverberated across the universe and caused a crack in the cosmic egg as their music sounded undeniably "Beatleseque." Beatle fans began their own magical mystery tour of sorts looking for clues in Klaatu's music and album covers if only to prove that both Klaatu and Beatles were the same musicians. But alas, over time it was eventually revealed to them that the "Beatleseque" group consisted of three very talented Canadian musicians by the names of John Woloschuk, Terry Draper and Dee Long.

This is a tribute album by various little known artists

We're Off You Know - Gavin & Dean / So Said The Lighthouse Keeper - Gavin & Dean / Doctor Marvello - The Nowadays (featuring Mark Hershberger) / Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III - Jef Leeson (Jaimie Vernon's brother in law) / Everybody Took A Holiday - Dmitri Alano / A Routine Day - Mike Vancha / Older - Just Say Yes (featuring Steve Smith) / Dear Christine - Keld Telen / Cherie - Michael Grin /Mister Manson - Sulpher / Hot Box City - Alex Johnson /Knee Deep In Love - Reptile / I Can't Help It - Dave Bradley / Blue Smoke - Frank Marzano / I Don't Wanna Go Home - Dmitri Alano / Calling Occupants - Dave Bradley & Nataraj Sundaram / Doctor Marvello (Espanol) - Los Khaoticos (the original "first" mix) / Little Neutrino - The Nowadays (featuring Mark Hershberger) / Sub-Rosa Subway - The Beachles (featuring Jaimie Vernon) (the original "first" mix) / Grey Afternoon - Glen Banks (inspired by Klaatu)

Or download all in once: