Tuesday, March 09, 2010

the Monkees - Kirshner's Revenge

©2010 Unofficial Releases
320 Kbps CD-rip
This is a collection of rare material from The Monkees. Some alternate mixes, some half ready, some instrumentals, some alternate vocals, something else. If you like karaoke and you like the monkees then this is your chance to sing along with the original backing tracks.
Tracklist is too long to type it all.
Click the picture to get a good look at it, instead.

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Laszlo said...


Dualtrack said...

I'm the person who made this. It was released through Splendor of Bohemia (aka Direct CD) but he got busted by EMI because of his Beatles titles a couple months later so the net release is all there is.

n8w8 said...

Well, if you made this than all I can say is: "Well done, thanks for your effort".

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried to download the discs but was unable to open them because they are .ace, so IO then trieds to download Peazip, but I can't get it to work, can you help me, I am really keen to get Ther Monkees - Kirshners Revenge, Can you help me

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

Tried both files with Peazip and Peazip64 and they work fine.

Check if you got the right Peazip version, 32 or 64 bit depending on your pc. When in doubt use the 32 bit.

Be sure you've downloaded the ace files compleatly.
Disk 1 is 182103KB
Disk 2 is 180436KB

As an alternative I've posted them here in RAR:

A-Mfan said...

This is an excellent addition to my collection. Thanks to all involved in making it available.

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

Again a new mirror...

The Monkees - Kirshner's Revenge part 1


The Monkees - Kirshner's Revenge part 2


Use the downloadbutton in the centre of the screen to download. Don't use the other links or buttons otherwise you are stuck with a lot of mallware/adware and a downloadprogram you really don't want!.