Saturday, June 02, 2018

Old Shatterhand - The Greatest

©1971, 1972, 1973 Polydor Records
vinyl rip

Old Shatterhand was the stage name for Surinam-born Dutch artist Frank Smit and made 4 singles under that name. He was also a member of The Hunters and The Twinkle Stars and worked as a producer for other artists. Old Shatterhand's songs were written and produced by Oscar Harris. 

Chief of the Apache
Thank you
I'm the greatest
Don't ask me why
Mexican Bandido
Girl, you're looking fine
 Prove me (you can groove me)

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Maurizio Fabrizio ‎– Movements In The Sky

Maurizio Fabrizio ‎– Movements In The Sky

©1978 Musiza ‎– 200 248
320 kbps

Arranged, composed and directed by Maurizio Fabrizio
Producer – David Zard, Dory Zard

Genre: Electronic, Rock, Classical
If you like the instrumental part of John Miles' Music...

01 Cielo
02 Pianéti
03 Danza Delle Stelle
04 Movenze Degli Anelli Di Saturno
05 Episodio Lunare
06 Cielo
07 Movimenti Nel Cielo
08 Il Sole
09 Nascita Dei Nuovi Satelliti
10 Sputnik
11 Danza Delle Stelle
12 Movimenti Nel Cielo