Sunday, July 01, 2012

Who Is Harry Nilsson

1,5 Gb AVI. 2006/2010

“When you say the name ‘Harry Nilsson’ people either get it right away or they have no idea.” -Tommy Smothers
Why is everybody talking about him? Everybody, in this case, is Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Brian Wilson, Randy Newman, Yoko Ono, Robin Williams, The Smothers Brothers, Van Dyke Parks and other industry friends. These are the real narrarators of Nilsson’s story and their warm, sometimes hilarious yarns reveal the genuine respect and love his contemporaries felt for him. Nilsson was brilliant, complicated and had a rebellious dark side. With a little help from friends like John Lennon and Keith Moon, he created the blueprint for real rock and roll excess which eventually lead to his undoing.
Originally released in 2006, the film has been re-released in theaters as of September 2010, this time with additional footage of Nilsson and interviews with his wife and children.
“Harry answered to no man. He did as he pleased and had way too much fun while he did it.” - Mickey Dolenz