Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harry Nilsson - Rare Harry 3

4,5 Gb DVD.
I received the discs thru a friend. I didn't compile them and I don't know who did neither but he or she did a great job. I provide the information as I received it.
This new set of DVDs will provide a significant upgrade to much of this material in terms of presentation, source material and audio and video quality and clarity.
This is the 3rd of four discs (3 volumes plus a disc of bonus material).
The details for Disc 3: 
The episode of "Muir" has been reedited from two different

sources. While it is still missing about 90 seconds' worth of footage, none of that material featured Harry. The "Only You" clip is a color-corrected version of the officially-released footage (from the Ringo Starr

"Photograph" bonus DVD). Beatlefest '84 is sourced from the original VHS camcorder tape. It is undoubtedly Harry's final appearance on (Spanish) television.

- Easter eggs only available via the "play all" menu option: Ringo and Harry's appearance at the Grammy Awards and their promotional ad for the Duit On Mon Dei LP.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Son Of Dracula - Movie ft. Harry Nilsson & Ringo Star

1974 movie starring Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson. Ringo as Merlin and Harry as the son of Dracula. This rare film is hard to find, quality is far from perfect but, considering the rarity of this title, better than nothing.

The Count has recently inherited his father's title as ruler of the netherworld, and all the monsters are already arriving in London for the coronation party. Still, though, Count Down is unsatisfied; it seems he's a budding composer, more interested in music-making than evil-doing. When he falls in love, The Count considers giving up his immortality for the sake of a normal life. But first, he and Merlin will have to outsmart the nefarious Baron Frankenstein, who has his own plans for the Count.

Download: Son_Of_Dracula__ft._Nilsson_.txt (0.00 MB) for the links

Friday, June 10, 2011

Man - The Golden Hour

©1973 Golden Hour GH 569
320 kbps Vinyl edition

The Golden Hour of Man was among the more obscure releases within the budget-priced compilation series from the Pye label vaults. Welsh prog rock band Man was a most unlikely addition to this canon, but the group made it in regardless, with an hourlong collection of cuts from the two LPs recorded for Pye during 1969.

Prelude / The Storm / And In The Beginning / Sudden Life / Empty Room / Peulla Peulla / Love / Erotica / Blind Man / And Castles Rise In Childrens Eyes / Don't Just Stand There / The Missing Pieces / The Future Hides Its Face / My Name Is Jesus Smith / Parchment & Candles

Spotify               Yandex

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Johnny Warman - From the Jungle to the New Horizons

©1982 Rocket Record Company 6302 214
Vinyl edition 320 kbps

After the huge succes of  Walking Into Mirrors Johnny was asked by the Rocket Record Company to do another record. Warman started recording with Andy Clark, Jerry Marrota and Tony Levin. The album would be a more musically complicated production than the previous Walking Into Mirrors album but extending the drumheavy sound. A single 'Dream, dream, dream' was released to promote the project. 

The songs they recorded were quite good and Norman Greenbaum's 'Spirit in the Sky' hasn't been done better, ever. Dispite that, neither the single nor the album managed to make any impact in the charts.

Tracklist: From the Jungles to the New Horizons 7.49 / Spirit in the Sky 3.36 / Looking Back (to See If Someone's Looking Back at Me) 3.58 / China's Moving (West) 6.04 / I Love My Planet 4.30 / (United) The State of America 5.22 / Flying out of Windows 4.17 / Dream, Dream, Dream 3.53 / Y.C. 1.21

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Firefall - Break Of Dawn

©1982 LP Atlantic Records 80017
320 kbps Vinyl rip.

In 1982 I heard the song 'Always' on the radio (it was played two times...) and I liked it. I wanted to buy the record but couldn't find one recordstore who sold the album. I had to make a special order to get it. I have never regret buying it and is one of my favourite albums from the 80's.

Later I found out that the album had been a commercial flop mostly because it didn't sound like earlier work from Firefall. Well, I didn't know the earlier stuff so that's the way to listen to the album; forget that Firefall was a countryrock band once. This album is much more AOR.

Tracklist: Break of Dawn / Body and Soul / Falling in Love / Always / In the Dead of Night / It's Not Too Late / Take Me Back / Fall for You / Suddenly / Don't Tell Me Why

Monday, April 11, 2011

Roger Waters - The Wall Live At Gelredome Arnhem, Holland

320 kbps Audience recording (bootleg)

First Set: Spartacus / In the Flesh / The Thin Ice / Another Brick in the Wall Part 1 / The Happiest Days of Our Lives / Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 / Mother / Goodbye Blue Sky / Empty Spaces / What Shall We Do Now? / Young Lust / One of My Turns / Don't Leave Me Now / Another Brick in the Wall Part 3 / The Last Few Bricks / Goodbye Cruel World

Second Set: Hey You / Is There Anybody Out There? / Nobody Home / Vera / Bring the Boys Back Home / Comfortably Numb / The Show Must Go On / In the Flesh / Run Like Hell / Waiting for the Worms / Stop / The Trial / Outside the Wall / Encore: Outside the Wall (Instrumental reprise)

Rapid and Mega links. No need for more info.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Goodthunder - Goodthunder

©1972 Dog Ear Music / Elektra EKS-75041
320 kbps CD-rip 

GoodThunder was a progressive rock band that formed in the early seventies and released one selftitled album, recorded and mastered at Elektra Sound Recorders, Los Angeles in 1972. It's such a pity the band did only make one album because it's quite a good one. It's progressive rock with intelligent musical parts and descent vocals. The album was produced by Paul A. Rothchild, a house producer for Jac Holzman's Elektra Records label who produced albums by The Doors, Janis Joplin, Tom Rush and Fred Neil.

Goodthunder: James Cahoon Lindsay (vocals and percussion), John Desautels (drums), David Hanson (guitars and vocals), Bill Rhodes (bass), and Wayne Cook (keyboard).

After Goodthunder disbanded Wayne Cook, John Desautels, David Hanson teamed up with Karen Lawrence in 1975 to start the Daddy Warbucks (1 bootleg on Tiger Lily Records), later renamed to the L.A. Jets. Because of no succes they broke up in 1977.

Bill Rhodes, John Desautels and Karen Lawrence reformed again during 1977, with help from Steve Schiff (guitar), and started 1994. 1994 made two albums. The Love Theme from the movie "The Eyes of Laura Mars Prisoner" wich was sung by Barbra Streisand is a composition by Karen Lawrence and John Desautels. The Albums from 1994 can be found at http://alocacoc-blog.blogspot.com/2007/08/hope-ya-like-it.html. The links are old but still alive.

Wayne Cook had more succes. He played keyboard with Steppenwolf and Player. He played with Alice Cooper in 1982. More recently he joined Wildsteed whose sound combines country and southern rock with a down home American flare. Wayne owns and operates Wayne Cook Studios in Los Angeles, CA.
Track listing: I Can't Get Thru To You (Cook,Lindsay) / For A Breath (Foster,Desautels,Foster) / Moonship (Cook,Phifer,Lindsay,Cook) / Home Again (Hanson,Lindsay,Hanson) / Sentries (Hanson,Lindsay,Linvill) / P.O.W. (Hanson,Desautels) / Rollin Up My Mind (Cook) / Barking At The Ants (Hanson)

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Harry Nilsson - Rare Harry DVD 2

4,5 Gb DVD.

I received the discs thru a friend. I didn't compile them and I don't know who did neither but he or she did a great job. I provide the information as I received it.

This new set of DVDs will provide a significant upgrade to much of this material in terms of presentation, source material and audio and video quality and clarity.

This is the 2nd of four discs (3 volumes plus a disc of bonus material).

The details for Disc 2:

A Little Touch of Schmilsson In The Night

Did Somebody Drop His Mouse?

- Notes: Both from new sources. Audio restoration.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Shirts - the Shirts

©1978 EMI Harvest
320 kbps vinyl rip

The Shirts' first album contains their biggest hit "tell me your plans". Their second single "reduced to a whisper" did nothing. Both can be found on this debut album. Annie Golden, the singer of the band, played in three versions of "Hair" and played in some tv-series (Cheers, Miami Vice).
The band split up in 1981 but reunited (exept for Annie) and released a new album in 2006.

Tracklist:  Reduced To A Whisper 3:28 / Tell Me Your Plans 3:10 / Empty Ever After 3:52 / Teenage Crutch 3:00 / 10th Floor Clown 4:24 / The Story Goes 4:00 / Lonely Android 3:55 / Running Through The Night 3:46 / They Say The Sun Shines 3:29 / Poe 3:47

Friday, February 11, 2011

David Bowie/Fritz von Runte - Bowie 2001, The Remix Album

©2011 Marshall Records and Fritz von Runte.
23-EOIO-09   160 kbps.

A new mashup from Marshall Records (who released Hate and Hell from The Beatles).  Fritz von Runte’s  release, Bowie 2001, is released this month. It’s an inventive rework of David Bowie’s repertoire mixing it with Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001.
Ziggy Stardawn / The Sound Of Fame / Let's Dub / Starmann / Thursday's Child / Marching Home / The Man Who Sold The World Riddle / Never Get Sound and Vision / Everyone Says High / Easy Bowie / 808 Kick Poem / Changed / Heroes Survive / Angels Have Gone / Space Oddity

I've removed the rapidshare link on request by Fritz von Runte. They have spent a lot of time and money trying to make something nice and cool and like you to go to www.bowie2001.com. There you can still download the album for free after joining the mailinglist.
Album (free download after joining the mailinglist)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mike and Lal Waterson - Bright Phoebus

©1972 Leading Note/Bee Bee Music
320 kbps Vinyl rip
 In 1972, Mike and Lal Waterson (from the Watersons) joined forces to record an album for the Trailer label, Bright Phoebus, which is most unlike anything else they ever did, as it features self-penned songs (of which there are none on any of their other albums) as well as an all-star backing band. Joining Mike and Lal are folk-fusion luminaries such as Ashley Hutchings, Maddy Prior and Tim Hart of Steeleye Span, Richard Thompson, and Dave Mattacks of Fairport Convention, as well as traditionalist Martin Carthy. The album has remained out of print since 1985.

 01 - Rubber Band / 02 - The Scarecrow / 03 - Fine Horsemen / 04 - Winifer Odd / 05 - Danny Rose / 06 - Child Among The Weeds / 07 - The Magical Man / 08 - Never the Same / 09 - To Make You Stay / 10 - Shady Lady / 11 - Red Wine And Promises / 12 - Bright Phoebus)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jay-Jays - Bald Headed Woman

©1995 Phonogram/Mercury
Recorded 1966/1967

After dramatic developments in december 1965, when Holland’s most popular instrumental band The Jumping Jewels lost their name in a court case against their old manager Herman Batelaan, bandmembers decided to start with a new name in which the two “J” ‘s had to return. Instantly a new single was released, two covers from the first LP of The Kinks: Baldheaded woman coupled to Mystifying. As leadguitarist Hans van Eijck didn’t like beatmusic – he’d rather stick to the old instrumentals – he left The Jay-Jays two months later after the band did a very important TV-show promoting their first single. He was replaced by Leo Bennink, who used to play with The Black Albinos and Rene & his Alligators. The record was an instant success though, spurting into the Top Ten and getting the band a lot of work. 
 1 Bald Headed Woman /  2 So Mystifying / 3 I Got Love If You Want It / 4 I Keep Tryin' / 5 Come Back If You Dare / 6 Don't Sell The Sun / 7 Waauw! / 8 A Distant Place / 9 Are You A Woman / 10 'Cause You're Mine, Babe / 11 Cruncher / 12 To-Day I'm Gay / 13 All Around The World / 14 Shake It Some More / 15 The Name Of You / 16 Respect / 17 Cool Jerk / 18 Baby You Know You Ain't Right / 19 (I Know) In My Mind / 20 Respect (Backing Tape) / 21 'Cause You're Mine, Babe (Backing Tape) / 22 Are You A Woman (Backing Tape)