Sunday, August 02, 2009

Richard Kersten
Frank Furt Cut 'n' Paste

©2006 Babylon Central Studios FFM
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Richard Kersten was the founding member of the first Beatles tribute band in the world: The Beatles Revival Band, Frankfurt, Germany in 1976.
He is now a prolific songwriter and regular contributor to TAXI, the world´s largest independent A&R company. For the Frank Furt Cut 'n' Paste project, he teamed up with two members of the still existing Beatles Revival Band and Marcus Darius, a renowned Hip Hop producer and owner of the Babylon Central Studio. We are all based in Frankfurt am Main,Germany. They make all kinds of music but felt the desire to salute the Beatles with this production.
1 Sippin Lemonade In The Sunshine / 2 Flow Down Sream / 3 Imagine Angels In The Sky / 4 It All Equals In The End / 5 Don´t Care Cos I Love You / 6 Picture On My Wall / 7 Song From Your Heart8 Someday / 9 Just Like Me / 10 Time To Go / 11 It´s Been A Long Time