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 ©1991 Friends Records Ltd. 690025.2
320 Kbps CD Rip
This album probably has some of the best Janus tracks on it, but is not really "immediate". From 1993 to present day, pieces from this album crop up as background music on TV stations throughout Europe, which given the volume of library music that is available, are quite a compliment to the atmosphere generated on this album. The majority of the tracks were instrumental, and half the CD was given over to a tale penned by Orr, for which the music was meant to be the story.

"Journey" sold hardly at all, but the people who liked it, REALLY liked it. It looked like Orr had blown it by trying to be too original. The music industry hates original.
Lost Cello (4:06) / Terracotta Children (3:17) / Primitive Instinct (4:12) / Babi-Yar (4:56) / Credo (4:56) / Excerpt From Agnus Dei (4:14) / Awakening (2:19) / The Dark River (5:00) / The Paper Shop In The Field (3:19) / Distant Voices (2:07) / If I'd Listened (4:37) / The Angry Tower (3:28) / The Infinite Maze (3:15) / Unknown Number (4:23)

A (little more progressive) 2005 release of the 'S' Album can be downloaded for free at

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The List

Dozens of music blogs followed. You don't have to visit all your favourite blogs to see if there is something interresting posted lately. You can see them all at this place or if it's not followed you can let the blog added.

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Mike Batt
A Merry War (OST)
 ©1998 Overseas Filmgoup Ltd. CDQ7243
320 Kbps CD Rip
Mike Batt composed the score for "Keep The Aspidistra Flying", American title "A Merry War", from the book by George Orwell. The song "Tiger In The Night" was written by Batt for the end titles, and sung by Colin Blunstone. It is a very classically based score, with a suite in the first three tracks. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by Mike Batt.
1. The Aspidistra Suite - First Movement (Poetry And Torment) 8:32 / 2. The Aspidistra Suite - Second Movement (Love And Passion) 5:40 / 3. The Aspidistra Suite - Third Movement (A Bright Future) 4:13 / 4. Main Title 3:38 / 5. Bugger The Blasted Daffodils 0:52 / 6. Walking To Ravelstons House 2:24 / 7. It Tolls For Thee, Gordon 1:49 / 8. The Poet At Work 1:48 / 9. The Cancelled Party 1:11 / 10. Find The Editor And Kill Him 0:44 / 11. A Kiss Down An Alleyway 1:32 / 12. Off To The Countryside 2:40 / 13. A Bower Made For Us 2:48 / 14. Trudge Home After A Day Out 1:27 / 15. Booking At Modiglianis 3:20 / 16. The Aspidistra Quickstep 1:57 / 17. The Aspidistra Waltz 1:57 / 18. The Aspidistra Foxtrot 1:48 / 19. Sad Bit After Gordonis Sacked 1:04 / 20. I Never Want To See You Again 1:52 / 21. Tea With The Undertaker 1:24 / 22. At Last Gordon Gives Rosemary A Really Good Seeing To 2:16 / 23. The First Day Of Spring 0:43 / 24. Rosemary Announces That She Is Pregnant 1:37 / 25. Gordon Returns To Work 4:16 / 26. Walking Home 1:37 / 27. Tiger In The Night 3:02


Fuck The Writer

For all you lovers, writers, happy and unhappy, lonely, free and trying, crawling, kissing and wandering....

Fuck the Writer is a Rotterdam (the Netherlands) based 25 year old singer/songwriter who writes and performs his material by himself. The first album “Maar Ik Dans Niet” (“But I Won’t Dance”) was recorded on a multitracker using a cheap condensator mic, a melodica, 12 string guitar, nylon strings, acoustic bass, wine bottles, a toy piano and a moon guitar . The warm, intimate sound reflects the mood of the winter in which the album was recorded. The second album "Keeping the Aspidistra Flying" (inspired by Orwell's Keep the Aspidistra Flying") was released nationwide and got excellent reviews from press and peers. The third album "Dear Holland", this time recorded in a studio with a band, is soon to be released.
Click on songs to listen to some great music.

Press kitsQuantcast

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The Beatles
Everyday Chemistry
(The Beatles Never Broke Up)

160 Kbps Beatles/Solo Mashup mixes
Unfortunately I don't have any information about the recordings other than what is written on Everything else about it is as mysterious to me as it is to you.
1. Four Guys / 2. Talking To Myself / 3. Anybody Else / 4. Sick To Death / 5. Jenn / 6. I'm Just Sitting Here / 7. Soldier Boy / 8. Over The Ocean / 9. Days Like These / 10. Saturday Night / 11. Mr Gator's Swamp Jamboree

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Tails Of Illusion 

©1975 tracks 1-10 / 1976 track 11
BGO Records.  320 Kbps CD rip.

Noosha was relegated to backing vocals for half the songs on the late 1975 follow-up album, Tails of Illusion, with the other songs sung by Young. The album enjoyed neither the critical nor the sales success of its predecessor; without Noosha's distinctive voice, casual listeners did not associate the songs with the band that had recorded "Only You Can". Although it was sabled down by the critics in 1975 it's a nice album nevertheless.
The band returned to the charts in April 1976 when "S-S-S-Single Bed" was a Top 5 UK hit and topped the Australian chart. This track is added as a bonustrack.
Tracklist: 01. Yuli Yuli 3:36 / 02. Survival 4:26 / 03. Strange Ships 4:39 / 04. For Whatever It's Worth 2:47 / 05. Little Brown Box 4:07 / 06. Minor Therapy 4:53 / 07. Lily Sing 3:10 / 08. Kupu Kupu 5:45 / 09. Howdja 3:25 / 10. Me Without You 4:07
Bonustracks: 11. S-s-s Single Bed 3:48

Click here to download a Tom Mix 12" extended remix of "S S Single Bed":

©1975 tracks 1-11 / 1976 tracks 12-15
Cherry Red Records  320 Kbps CD rip.

The band's self-titled debut album was released in 1975. The lead single, "Only You Can", was a Top 10 hit in the UK Singles Chart, the follow-up "Imagine Me Imagine You" also reached the Top 20[1] and "He's Got Magic" was a hit in some European countries. Also the track "Love Ship" was played extensively on Radio Caroline, and was subsequently adopted as one of their theme tunes in the 1970s.
Noosha Fox (Susan Traynor) - vocals, harmonies
After FOX she went solo and had a minor hit with "Georgina Bailey". She als recorded "The Heat is On" wich became a big hit for Agneta Faltskog a few years later.
Kenny Young - rhytm guitar, vocals
After FOX he became a record producer but he will always be known for writing the song "Under the Boardwalk" for The Drifters in the 60's.
Herbie Armstrong - lead guitar, vocals
Before and after Fox he was a bandmember of Van Morrison. He made one soloalbum wich can be found here.
Gary Taylor - bass, vocals
After FOX he made a few solo albums and worked as a sessionmusician. In the 60's he was a member of "The Herd" together with Peter Frampton
Pete Solley - keyboards, vocals
Pete Solley joined Whitesnake on keyboards in 1977 for "Snakebite" and also joined Procul Harum for "Something Magic". Then started as a writer/producer (f.i. Romantics - What I Like About You) 
Jim Frank - drums, percussion, vocals
Worked as a soundengineer for Alice Cooper and Peter Gabriel and played drums on several albums by various artists.
Tracklist: 01.Love Letters 2:50 / 02.Imagine Me, Imagine You 3:22 / 03.The Joggler 3:12 / 04.Patient Tigers 3:05 / 05.Only You Can 3:03 / 06.The More 1:06 / 07.Spirit 2:52 / 08.He's Got Magic 3:32 / 09.Pisces Babies 3:42 / 10.Love Ship 2:48 / 11.Red Letter Day 3:12
Bonustracks: 12.Out of My Body 2:58 / 13.If I Point At The Moon 3:06 / 14.Georgina Bailey 3:58 / 15.Pretty Boy 3:32

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Justin Hayward & Mike Batt
Classic Blue

©1989 Trax MODCD 1040
320 Kbps CD-RIP

This album is a compilation of personal fovourites from Justin and Mike, both incredible gifted musicians themselves. You'll find cover versions of Richard Harris' "MacArthur Park", the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" and Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven". Hayward hit the right tone most of the time and the orchestration of Batt is solid but it's not what you'd expect. It's not sparkling like some of Justin's Moody Blues work or surprising like most of Mike's solo work does. What you get is flawless redemptions of evergreens.

01. Tracks of My Tears / 02. MacArthur Park / 03. Blackbird / 04. Vincent / 05. God Only Knows / 06. Bright Eyes / 07. Whiter Shade of Pale / 08. Scarborough Fair / 09. Railway Hotel / 10. Man of the World / 11. Forever Autumn / 12. As Long as the Moon Can Shine / 13. Stairway to Heaven

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Harry Nilsson
A Touch More Schmilsson In The Night
©1988 BMG/RCA PD9251
320 Kbps CD rip
Although this release is filled with alternate takes and previous unreleased tracks it is, as a whole, a very enjoyable album. There are twelve exeptionally, timeless, pieces of art on this cd. This is part two of "A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night", his homage to the songs of the first half of the 20th century, made together with the orchestra of Gordon Jenkins, the man behind the music of Frank Sinatra. For more info go to
I'm always Chasing Rainbows / Make Believe / You Made me Love You(I Didn't Want To Do It) / Trust In Me / Lullaby in Ragtime (alt. take) / All I Think About Is You (from Knnillssonn) / Perfect Day (from Knnillssonn)/ Always (alt. take) / It's Only A Paper Moon / It Had To Be You (alt.take) / Thanks for the Memory / Over The Rainbow

Frank Sinatra
In The Wee Small Hours at High Speed
©1955 Capitol Records 7243 4 96985 2
MP3 320 Kbps CD-rip

If you think the album-art looks familiar than listen to this album, you will be amazed and discover where Harry did get his inspiration.
"In the Wee Small Hours" is without a doubt one of Sinatra's best albums. The quality of recordings is extraordinary good for it's time (1955). Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle's orchestra produced an album of amazing heartbreaking lovesongs. These 16 ballads, recorded in just a few days after his break-up with Ava Gardner, sustains a midnight mood of loneliness and lost love. If you got the blues it won't get better if you put this record on.
01. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning / 02. Mood Indigo / 03. Glad To Be Unhappy / 04. I Get Along Without You Very Well / 05. Deep In A Dream / 06. I See Your Face Before Me / 07. Can’t We Be Friends? / 08. When Your Lover Has Gone / 09. What Is This Thing Called Love / 10. Last Night When We Were Young / 11. I’ll Be Around / 12. Ill Wind / 13. It Never Entered My Mind / 14. Dancing On The Ceiling / 15. I’ll Never Be The Same / 16. This Love Of Mine
Still think that the picture is from something else? You're right'. It's a scene from the 1954 movie "Crime Wave" directed by André de Toth.


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Suzi Quatro
Annie Get Your Gun

(p)1986 Exallshow Ltd / 1st Night Records OCR CD6024
320 Kbps CD rip

More Klaatu related stuff later but now something completely different. And different it was for Suzi Quatro. Just a few years before she was rocking hard and now she's doing a musical. A strange carreer move (remember rocker Marty Wild playing Dr. Doolottle in 1968?). She did a fine Annie Oakley but don't expext a rocking Annie. She starred with Eric Flynn and Edmund Hockridge in this 1986 production of Irving Berlin's classic wild west musical.
Tracks: 1. Overture 2:08 / 2. Colonel Buffalo Bill 3:15 / 3. I'm A Bad Bad Man 2:27 / . Doin' What Comes Naturally 3:35 / 5. The Girl That I Marry 1:08 / 6. You Can't Get A Man With A Gun 2:44 / 7. There's No Business Like Show Business 4:12 / 8. The Say It's Wonderful 4:29 / 9. Moonshine Lullaby 3:47 / 11. Wild Horse Ceremonial Dance 4:03 / 12. I'm An Indian Too 3:19 / 13. I Got Lost In His Arms 3:04 / 14. I Got The Sun In The Morning 4:54 / 15. Old Fashioned Wedding 2:27 / 16. Anything You Can Do 3:22 / 17. hey Say It's Wonderful 1:36 / 18. There's No Business Like Show Business 2:03

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Dee Long

©2002 Magentalane Music/Bullseye BLR-CD-4036
320 Kbps CD rip

A singer/Songwriter of considerable talent, Dee Long paid his dues as a member of Klaatu, the enigmatic prog-rock band of the 70's.The experience wasn't lost on Dee, who continues to write and perform music that is just a little left of the main stream, and very much influenced by pop culture

Outside features a collection of quirky and imaginative tunes drawn from a far reaching variety of subjects.From the quest for the meaning of life, through the latest issue of MAD magazine, to the larger than life rock icon, this album navigates the netherworlds of the imagination, while exploring the cutting edge of music technology.

From a musical standpoint, Outside is a wonderful collage of influences from the psychedelic 60's to the 21st century, each explored and experimented with through the ears of a man who know's what he likes, and refuses to be pigeon holed into an easily identified category.Klaatu fans will be amazed at how much of the bands vision Dee Long has managed to maintain two decades after the band pasted into the mists of music history.
Track List: Meaning of Life / (Make Love in) Zero Gravity / Mad Magazine / Outside / You Are Too Beautiful / Chromosome Syndrome / Time Will Tell / Collecting Icons / Wait For You / It's Good / Good Night Universe

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©2005 Bullseye Records of Canada, Inc.
BLP-25154AD MAD 709  320Kbps

 Deleted, discontinued and long since out of print. Hard-to-find collection of rare recordings. At the time of release, in 2005, this album was released on vinyl only!.

SIDE ONE 1) Calling Occupants – 7” single / 2) Sub-Rosa Subway – Terry Brown Full Length Mix / 3) Loneliest Of Creatures – European Edit / 4) Juicy Luicy – 12” single Remix / 5) December Dream – 7” single re-edit / 6) Hot Box City – Live
SIDE TWO 1) We’re Off You Know – 7” single / 2) A Routine Day – Orchestral Composite / 3) California Jam – Alternate Backing Vocal Mix / 4) Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby – Instrumental Mix / 5) Silly Boys – Original Bedtrack Mix / 6) Love Of A Woman – Alternate Mix / 7) Come One, Come All – previously unreleased song demo

Terry Draper
Terry Toons: Can You Pretend?

©1999 Bullseye Records of Canada Inc. BLR-CD-1001
Available at

Former Klaatu member Terry Draper released this collection of songs for children in 1996 as a compact cassette only (tracks 1-8). This is the extended 1999 CD-version with many extra tracks added (tracks 9-15 The Further Adventures Of Alex & Adam). A fun album and not only for children.
1. Can You Pretend? 2:04 / 2. Blast Off! 4:41 / 3. Magic 4:56 / 4. Sing-a-Long Song 4:40 / 5. The Circus Is Coming to Town 4:25 / 6. Reach for the Sky 4:03 / 7. I Love a Parade 4:22 / 8. It's a Beautiful Day 4:12 / 9. The Wake Up Song 4:09 / 10. How High Can You Count? 4:07 / 11. Simon Airwave 5:29 / 12. Allegro 0:38 / 13. Fugue for Thought 1:34 / 14. The Land of Mongo 5:4 / 15. Goodnight Sleepyheads 5:17

Monday, October 12, 2009

Terry Draper
Aria 52 (A Five Year Mission)
©2003 Bullseye Records of Canada Inc. BLR-CD-4061
Available at

Former Klaatu member Terry Draper released this collection of rarities in 2003. On "Hello" Terry gets help from another Klaatu member", Dee Long. "Fly Away" is as close to Klaatu as you can get, all three members are present; Terry Draper, Dee Long & John Woloschuk.
1. Hello... / 2. When I Grow Up / 3. Family / 4. Fly Away / 5. All Over Morocco / 6. Come Back to Me / 7. Me and You / 8. We're Not Alone / 9. Anywhere But Here / 10. I Don't Care About That [Live] / 11. December Dream [Live] / 12. Let's Live for Today [Live] / 13. Sunset Years / 14. Blow the Blooze [from "can you pretend?")] / 15. Mary Claire [from "can you pretend?"] / 16. 'Til There Was You [from "can you pretend?"]
Terry Draper
Civil War (and other love songs)
©2001 Magentalane Music BLP-CD 4030
Available at

Ex-Klaatu frontman Terry Draper has always had a fascination with the American Civil War, so he finally decided to write a handful of songs on the subject and group them together on one loosely conceptual album. “Loosely,” because the project still allows for other songs, like “All Over Morocco” and “One More Kiss”. The idea holds up better on the (not very) minialbum but its a good effort.
TRACKS: 1. The Underture / 2. Civil War (Not Very) / 3. When I Grow Up / 4. All Over Morocco / 5. It's Over / 6. Rosey's Bordello / 7. Hello... / 8. Me And You / 9. Dixie / 10. Anywhere But Here / 11. The Junction / 12. One More Kiss / 13. Civil War - The Reprise (...If You Want It!)

Terry Draper
Civil War (not very)

©2001 Magentalane Music BEO-010
Available at

CD EP only release on Bullseye Records with another mix with civil war soundeffects and bonus tracks not found on the Civil War CD.

TRACKS: 1. Yankee Doodle / 2. Civil War (Not Very) / 3. Dixie / 4. In The Fields / 5. The Junction / 6. Civil War - The Reprise / 7. Dixie (Instrumental)

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Rapidshare Phishing : Protect Yourself
Date : 26 Mar 2009 01:03:00 |

The Menace of Phishing: Protect yourself from it

This article is an attempt in that direction.

It has become frequent these days , some fraudulent users Posting Phishing Links in guise of Rapidshare download Links. It is necessary that Rapidshare Premium Users are aware of this issue and Never compromise their login details at any cost.

What is Rapidshare Phishing?

Rapidshare Phishing, for those of you who don't know, is fake Rapidshare web site. It is designed to look exactly like Rapidshare. It is made to steal your Login details (username and password), rapidpoints or to steal your credit card (or any payment method) if you decide to sign up for a premium account.


Fake Rapidshare sites used for Phishing / to steal Your username and password.
Etc etc.

The list in never complete, as several new phishing website are created everyday.

Rapidshare Phishing links are usually hidden in protection links like .Example of Phishing Link:

If the you click links like above, it will take you a rapidshare like website. Remember, these fake rapidshare websites are meant to steal you RS Premium login details. If the victim selects free user, the phisher just passes them along to the real RapidShare site or the download displays a message like below

But if they select premium download, then the phishing site records their login before passing them to the download. Thus, the phisher has lifted the premium account information from the victim.

What happens to such stolen rapidshare accounts?

Phished RapidShare accounts are usually sold for cheaper prices in comparison to RapidShare's prices for a premium account. Or the phisher uses it for his own purposes. Your account may also be used for child porn storage and other illegal files. But most importantly, your private files can be misused

How to identify Phishing sites?

Fortunately, identifying such sites is not rocket- science. Please remember that the fake sites looks exactly the same as the original rapidshare . Even then however , Phishing sites can be easily identified in the following two ways:

I. First Observation:

1. The fake website mentions SSL-encrypted Login, but the URL in the address bar only uses HTTP and not HTTPS.


2. Notice the Slash in the url

3. If you are already logged in the RS premium account* but still the download asks you for username and password. It is for sure a fake phishing link.

II. Using your Browser:

If the RS site is original

1. For Firefox users, at the original RS site, the whole address bar turns yellow and a small lock appears in the right of it, and in the right bottom of the window..

2. For Opera users, in the address bar appears a yellow space wich contains a small lock and then the name of the certificate: "RapidShare AG (CH)"

3. For Internet Explorer users, in the right bottom of the there's a small yellow lock which shows us that a certificate is present.

Also in firefox, if you doubt the page is fake, right-click on the alias page and select "This Frame" > "Show only this frame." This reveals the real page, and you can see the URL would not be No wonder they call, firefox the most secure browser in the world!

For any other browsers, search for a small lock either in the address bar, either at the bottom of the window.

However, if you fall victim to phishing, try change your login details immediately as soon possible. DonÂ’t make it too late.

Precautions you can take

1. Always log in to rapidshare via the following pages only,

2. If you are on your personal computer, try to stay logged in all time. Save your rapidshare cookie indefinitely or never clear your browser cache off Rapidshare cookie. This way you will be always logged in your rapidshare account. If by some reason a Rapidshare link download asks for your Login details again, it is a fake link. No link should ask you to log in again, if you have already logged in once.

3. Have "direct downloads" enabled in your account options. To do this go 'premium zone' > Click 'Settings' > Configuration>enable 'direct downloads'. This way you wonÂ’t be redirected to a rapidshare webpage but the file to be downloaded will be automatically added to your download queue. If by some reason you reach a redirected login page , the link you wanted to download from is a fake/phishing link

4. Activate your RapidShare-Security Lock of your rapidshare premium account:

Once you activate you RS security Lock, RS sends you a unique unlock number to your email, which you keep safely at all time. In dire case, even if your login details are compromised , the phisher, cannot change you login details, delete files or convert you rapidpoints unless he has access to that unlock code. Which only you posses. Even if the phisher requests a new unlock code in desperation, the new unlock code would be send to your email only. By then you would have already known,, that your account is stolen ,and its time to change your login details

Remember rapidshare never sends out any email to their users asking for their login details. If you receive any such email, contact Rapidhsare for clarification.

You can also, monitor your account by checking 'view log' at your premium Zone

Stay Safe & Secure, Always :)

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Terry Draper

Light Years Later

©1997 Permanent Press Recordings PPCD52705
Available at

Terry Draper rose to success in virtual anonymity as the drummer of the 1970's trio Klaatu, which caused a stir throughout the music business when their mysterious 1976 self-titled debut sparked massive media conjecture that the group was, in fact, a reconstituted Beatles. The album became a major hit, but when Klaatu was finally revealed to be a Canadian band with no real connection to the Fab Four their success waned. Klaatu disbanded in 1981.
Draper returned to music in 1997 with the release of his solo debut Light Years Later, which featured guest appearances by his former Klaatu mates Dee Long and John Woloschuk.
1. We're Not Alone 03:44 / 2. It's a Beautiful Day 03:35 / 3. My Girl Overseas 04:11 / 4. Winter in Peru 03:27 / 5. Family 05:17 / 6. Here's to You 04:11 / 7. Come Back to Me 05:04 / 8. Who Is That Girl? 04:49 / 9. Fly Away 04:02 / 10. Back in Acapulco 04:05 / 11. Be With You 03:53 / 12. I Don't Care About That 05:00 / 13. Light Years Later 04:00 / 14. Sunset Years 06:58 / 15. Blast Off 04:44 / 16. Goodnight Sleepyheads 04:18

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alice CooperLive at ASB Theatre
Auckland New Zealand, September 4, 2009

192 Kbps Soundboard Recording

The Crypt’s Unlocked… They Keep Killing Him… But He Keeps Coming Back! The architect of Shock Rock Alice Cooper returned to New Zealand, September 4th 2009 at the ASB Theatre in Auckland.
Alice Cooper received his long-awaited star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003, as well as lifetime achievement awards from both Classic Rock and Mojo, two of the most important rock music magazines in the world. With the release of “Along Came A Spider,” his 2008 album, Alice shows no sign of slowing down as prooved by this soundboard recording of his theatre of death tour.
School's Out Intro / Department Of Youth / I'm Eighteen / Wicked Young Man / Ballad Of Dwight Fry / Go To Hell / Guilty / Welcome To My Nightmare / Cold Ethyl / Poison / The Awakening / From The Inside + extended instrumental / Nurse Rozetta / Is It My Body / Be My Lover / Only Women Bleed / I Never Cry / Black Widow Jam / Vengeance Is Mine / Devil's Food / Dirty Diamonds / Billion Dollar Babies / Killer / I Love The Dead excerpt / No More Mr. Nice Guy / Under My Wheels / Audiance / Encore: School's Out