Friday, February 11, 2011

David Bowie/Fritz von Runte - Bowie 2001, The Remix Album

©2011 Marshall Records and Fritz von Runte.
23-EOIO-09   160 kbps.

A new mashup from Marshall Records (who released Hate and Hell from The Beatles).  Fritz von Runte’s  release, Bowie 2001, is released this month. It’s an inventive rework of David Bowie’s repertoire mixing it with Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001.
Ziggy Stardawn / The Sound Of Fame / Let's Dub / Starmann / Thursday's Child / Marching Home / The Man Who Sold The World Riddle / Never Get Sound and Vision / Everyone Says High / Easy Bowie / 808 Kick Poem / Changed / Heroes Survive / Angels Have Gone / Space Oddity

I've removed the rapidshare link on request by Fritz von Runte. They have spent a lot of time and money trying to make something nice and cool and like you to go to There you can still download the album for free after joining the mailinglist.
Album (free download after joining the mailinglist)