Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Originally Released in Canada: October 7, 1981
Rerelease available directly from Klaatu

The publicity shy band were originally rumoured to be all or part of the Beatles and this album marks the first time names and photographs of the band. Featuring a tribute to John Lennon, 'December Dream'
Produced by: Klaatu
Orchestral Arrangements by: Jack Lenz
Cover Art by: Ted Jones
Original label: Permanent Press PPCD-52701
A Million Miles Away {John Woloschuk} (3:38) / The Love Of A Woman {John Woloschuk} (3:22) / Blue Smoke {John Woloschuk/Dino Tome} (4:41) / I Don't Wanna Go Home {John Woloschuk} (2:51) / December Dream {John Woloschuk/Terry Draper} (4:20) / Magentalane {John Woloschuk/Dino Tome} (2:35) / At The End Of The Rainbow {Dee Long} (3:30) / Mrs. Toad's Cookies {John Woloschuk/Dino Tome} (3:06) / Maybe I'll Move To Mars {Dee Long} (5:15) / Magentalane (...it feels so good) {John Woloschuk/Dino Tome} (0:56)
John Woloschuk - vocals, bass, guitar, sitar, keyboards
Terry Draper - vocals, drums, percussion, guitar, keyboards, trombone
Dee Long - vocals, guitar, synthesizers