Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Emitt Rhodes

Emitt Rhodes

ABC/Dunhill Records 1970

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Emitt Rhodes is Rhodes' self-titled debut album, released in 1970.
Rhodes recorded the album in his home studio. At the time, union rules required that recordings released on major labels must be recorded in proper studios, so the fact that this was a home recording could not be mentioned on the cover. The runout groove of the original LP release on Dunhill Records contained a decorative banner proclaiming, "Recorded at Home." Rhodes wanted to call the album Homecooking, but Dunhill decided to title it Emitt Rhodes.
Rhodes recorded the instruments on a four-track recorder and then approched Dunhill, who gave him a contract. He transferred the four-track instrumental recordings to an eight-track recorder to add the vocals on the four additional channels (and using a better microphone).
The album reached number 29 on the Billboard album chart. The single "Fresh as a Daisy" just missed the top forty. Billboard later called the album one of the "best albums of the decade". The song "Lullabye" was featured in the film The Royal Tenenbaums.

01 With My Face On The Floor / 02 Somebody Made For Me / 03 She's Such A Beauty / 04 Long Time No See / 05 Lullabye / 06 Fresh As A Daisy / 07 Live Till You Die / 08 Promises I've Made / 09 You Take The Dark Out Of The Night / 10 You Should Be Ashamed / 11 Ever Find Yourself Running? / 12 You Must Have

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

By the members of The Alan Parsons Project
Release 1984

Colin Blunstone(vocals), Ian Bairnson (guitars), David Patton (bass, synthesizers, backing vocals), Stuart Elliott (drums, percussion), Pete Bardens (keyboards, piano), Richard Cottle (synthesizer, saxophone).

This album was their (only) recording and is produced by Alan Parsons.
This album was recorded between 83/12 and 84/3 at Abbey Road Studios, London, and released in 84/8 in UK. This album was done simultaneously with the recording for Ammonia Avenue (released 84/2 in UK).
Eric Woolfson worked as a "coordinator," Ian, David and Stuart from APP, and Pete from Camel. Eric was introduced to Peter by Andrew Latimer, the guitarist for Camel. He chose Colin Blunstone (ex-Zombies) as a vocalist. He named the band after the restaurant he frequented, not after the poet John Keats.

Richard Cottle plays sax and keyboards as a "guest player," and continues from this point as a APP-member, starting from Vulture Culture.

This album is best described as "the Alan Parsons Project meets Camel."
Though made without Eric Woolfson, the essence of his music is heard on this album.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last Exit

Last Exit is a kind of goodbyealbum from the original Traffic
Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi.
The band broke up while recording the album and only a few songs were finished. That's the reason why it's filled with some liverecordings.
The livetracks are without Dave Mason and are more Jazzy and less Blues Rock.
Original lp release in 1969 and a CD rerelease in 1990.
Track listing: 1. Just for You (2:18) 2. Shanghai Noodle Factory (5:06) 3. Something's Got a Hold of My Toe (2:14) 4. Withering Tree (3:04) 5. Medicated Goo (3:36) 6. Feelin' Good (10:40) 7. Blind Man (7:06)