Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harry Nilsson - Rare Harry 3

4,5 Gb DVD.
I received the discs thru a friend. I didn't compile them and I don't know who did neither but he or she did a great job. I provide the information as I received it.
This new set of DVDs will provide a significant upgrade to much of this material in terms of presentation, source material and audio and video quality and clarity.
This is the 3rd of four discs (3 volumes plus a disc of bonus material).
The details for Disc 3: 
The episode of "Muir" has been reedited from two different

sources. While it is still missing about 90 seconds' worth of footage, none of that material featured Harry. The "Only You" clip is a color-corrected version of the officially-released footage (from the Ringo Starr

"Photograph" bonus DVD). Beatlefest '84 is sourced from the original VHS camcorder tape. It is undoubtedly Harry's final appearance on (Spanish) television.

- Easter eggs only available via the "play all" menu option: Ringo and Harry's appearance at the Grammy Awards and their promotional ad for the Duit On Mon Dei LP.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Son Of Dracula - Movie ft. Harry Nilsson & Ringo Star

1974 movie starring Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson. Ringo as Merlin and Harry as the son of Dracula. This rare film is hard to find, quality is far from perfect but, considering the rarity of this title, better than nothing.

The Count has recently inherited his father's title as ruler of the netherworld, and all the monsters are already arriving in London for the coronation party. Still, though, Count Down is unsatisfied; it seems he's a budding composer, more interested in music-making than evil-doing. When he falls in love, The Count considers giving up his immortality for the sake of a normal life. But first, he and Merlin will have to outsmart the nefarious Baron Frankenstein, who has his own plans for the Count.

Download: Son_Of_Dracula__ft._Nilsson_.txt (0.00 MB) for the links

Friday, June 10, 2011

Man - The Golden Hour

©1973 Golden Hour GH 569
320 kbps Vinyl edition

The Golden Hour of Man was among the more obscure releases within the budget-priced compilation series from the Pye label vaults. Welsh prog rock band Man was a most unlikely addition to this canon, but the group made it in regardless, with an hourlong collection of cuts from the two LPs recorded for Pye during 1969.

Prelude / The Storm / And In The Beginning / Sudden Life / Empty Room / Peulla Peulla / Love / Erotica / Blind Man / And Castles Rise In Childrens Eyes / Don't Just Stand There / The Missing Pieces / The Future Hides Its Face / My Name Is Jesus Smith / Parchment & Candles

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