Wednesday, May 03, 2006

By the members of The Alan Parsons Project
Release 1984

Colin Blunstone(vocals), Ian Bairnson (guitars), David Patton (bass, synthesizers, backing vocals), Stuart Elliott (drums, percussion), Pete Bardens (keyboards, piano), Richard Cottle (synthesizer, saxophone).

This album was their (only) recording and is produced by Alan Parsons.
This album was recorded between 83/12 and 84/3 at Abbey Road Studios, London, and released in 84/8 in UK. This album was done simultaneously with the recording for Ammonia Avenue (released 84/2 in UK).
Eric Woolfson worked as a "coordinator," Ian, David and Stuart from APP, and Pete from Camel. Eric was introduced to Peter by Andrew Latimer, the guitarist for Camel. He chose Colin Blunstone (ex-Zombies) as a vocalist. He named the band after the restaurant he frequented, not after the poet John Keats.

Richard Cottle plays sax and keyboards as a "guest player," and continues from this point as a APP-member, starting from Vulture Culture.

This album is best described as "the Alan Parsons Project meets Camel."
Though made without Eric Woolfson, the essence of his music is heard on this album.

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