Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blue Monday

Previous released on the bootleg "Beatles - Sink In The Can". A very strange compilation of tracks. There's even a bootleg of this bootleg with the original Lee Dorsey song "working in the colemine"credited to the Beatles.
Everything what should not be on that album is ommited to create a fine Cat Steven Album.
The sessions of Cat Stevens with Ringo have now been compiled in the correct order.
Blue Monday (3:08). / If I Have to work for you (3:03). / Tuning (0:58). / Blue Monday Eins Zwei (2:07). / Blue Monday One Two (2:06). / Tuning (0:44). / I just Want To Make Love To You (4:31). / Working In The Coal Mine (4:36). / Baby I Have Some Love For You (1:18). / Looking For The Sailor (8:16)

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