Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Micky Dolenz
Puts You To Sleep
Rhino R2 70413
Released in 1992.
-This is a a soloalbum from former monkees drummer/singer Micky Dolenz. He made a wonderful album filled with classic lullabies/ballads. Although the main project was to put your children asleep the chances are you gonna like it so much that you're listening it over and over again, no matter what age you are.

Pillow / Time Dream A Little Dream / Beautiful Boy / Blackbird Lullaby / To Tim / Fool on the Hill / Good Night / St. Judy's Comet / The Moonbeam Song / Remember / Sugar Mountain / The Porpoise Song


Anonymous said...

wow, thanks alot for Micky! His solo albums are increasingly hard to find. Do you happen to have his other one? (I think he had one more, right?) Either way, thanks for this. Love the blog :)

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

Sorry, don't have the other one. Thanks for loving the blog!

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

The other one is here: