Monday, July 14, 2008

Johnny Warman
Walking Into Mirrors
320 kbbs / Album released in 1981.
Original lp was released by The Rocket Record Company
This relatively unknown artist at that time teamed up with Peter Gabriel, Jerry Marotta, Tony Levin, Larry Fast and others to produce a very interesting album. For all of us who enjoyed the experiments and sounds of Peter Gabriel in his third album, this was a "must-have" as it had several Gabriel's musicians playing in the album (and Gabriel himself appears in "Screaming Jets", one of the best tracks of this record).
If you are a Genesis / Gabriel / Collins fan, you must already be aware of this unique recording. In case you weren't aware that this existed then this is your chance
Walking into Mirrors 3.39 / Radio Active 3.41 / Searchlight 2.58 / Martian Summer 4.45 / Screaming Jets 5.25 / Three Minutes 4.04 / Dance with Me 3.18 / (S.O.S.) Sending out Signals 3.21 / Dancing Dolls 3.49 / Fantastic Light 6.18
Hi-Res coverscan


Timebandit said...

Wow..this is great stuff...thanks a lot!!!

Paul Durango said...

Indeed! Keep up the good work.

JWA said...

Namens Johnny Warman moet ik U vriendelijk doch dringend verzoeken de link naar zowel het album als de video te verwijderen daar beiden courant officieel verkrijgbaar zijn op cd op het Angel Air label.
Wij hopen dat deze melding volstaat zodat niet tot meer onaangename acties dient overgegaan te worden.

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

Ik ga niet in op anonieme verzoeken. Het verwijderen van de links doe ik onmiddelijk na een verzoek van Angel Air of Johnny Warman zelf niet van een of andere verzamelaar die zelf via Yahoo Groups van alles aanbiedt.

Johnny Warman said...

I am Johnny Warman and I just found this so thank you very much guys for all your comments and like someone suggested although in a language I do not understand all my recordings are available in their entitey fro Angel Air Records.
My Kindest Regards Johnny Warman
also check out

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks a bunch for the Johnny Warman stuff.Great.
Keep it up.