Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Carmel - More, More, More; 3 albums by Carmel

London Records 1984, 1986, 1987
cd-rip 320 Kbps

Their first single "Storm" reached No 1 in the independent charts and CARMEL was signed immediately to London Records. Carmel exploded onto the international stage with the release of the singles 'Bad Day' and 'More, More More' both of which went top 20. Their first album, "The Drum is Everything" reached 19 in the UK charts and by 1985 Carmel McCourt was named Best Jazz Vocalist.
In 1986 they released their second album "The Falling" which put them firmly in the spotlight. The single Sally went to No.5 in the French charts and legendary singer Johnny Halliday joined Carmel for a duet.
The 1987 album "Everybody's Got a Little... Soul" and the following single " It's All In the Game", both went gold.
If you happen to like Duffy, you're gonna like this too. If you don't like Duffy than give this a chance starting with "The Falling"
Drum Is Everything: 1. More, More, More / 2. Stormy Weather / 3. Drum Is Everything / 4. I Thought I Was Going Mad / 5. Prayer / 6. Rockin' on Suicide / 7. Rue St. Denis / 8. Willow Weep for Me / 9. Tracks of My Tears / 10. Bad Day
The Falling: 1. I'm Not Afraid of You / 2. Let Me Know / 3. Tok / 4. Falling / 5. Mama Told Me NT to Come / 6. Mercy / 7. Easy for You / 8. Sticks and Stones / 9. Sally
Everybody's Got a Little...Soul: 1. Hey Hey / 2. It's All In The Game / 3. Every Little Bit / 4. Nothing Good / 5. Azure / 6. Sweet And Lovely / 7. Jazz Robin / 8. Lay Down / 9. I Do And Do / 10. Hey Hey (Baby) / 11 It's All In The Game (12'')

The Drum Is Everything

The Falling

Everybody's Got a Little Soul


theressa said...

Thanks for sharing so many great albums here, btw please help me to find Porcaro Brothers (Mike and Steve of TOTO) mini album called "Young At Hearts"

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

Hi Theresse. Yeah, I'm still looking for that album. Maybe one of the visitors of the secret vault can help?