Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bruce Cameron
Midnight Daydream
Bruce Cameron Music/Brain Cell Records BC001
Released in 1999.

An unknown guitarist Bruce Cameron produced his solo album with a list of 70's musicianswith a classic rock sound. Cameron is joined by featured guest like Jack Bruce from Cream, Buddy Miles, Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell from Jimi Hendrix Experience. Bunk Garner from Mothers of Invention, Billy James of Ant-Bee, Harvey Dalton Arnold from Outlaws and Ken Hensley of Uriah Heap. Two from the Alice Cooper Group, Michael Bruce who does vocals on two tracks and Neal Smith as drummer on five tracks.
This album is pretty good and has gotten good reviews from mostly guitar magazines. Cameron's guitar work is excellent as some of the tracks are instrumental. Cameron wrote, engineered, mixed and produced the whole album.

The two songs Michael Bruce sings and Neal Smith drums on are "I Want To Be Late" and "Falling Up A Mountain" are great. Michael's vocals are superb as he gives a growl on these songs.
Neal Smith also lends his drumming talent on three more tracks "Mind Gardens", "Just Like A Spaceman" and instrumental "She's So Gone". The last song "She's So Gone" is one of the best instrumentals on this album.

It's sad to note that Bruce Cameron died during the release of this album.

"Midnight Daydream" 6:42 / "Doctor Please" 4:52 / "Mind Gardens" 5:24 / "Miles Away" 3:29 / "Born to Lose" 5:32 / "I Want to Be Late" 4:19 / "Forever Rebel Girls" 6:18 /
"Just Like a Spaceman" 3:57 / "So Aliens Have Been Here" 4:25 / "A Thousand Moons" 3:54 / "Raining the Blues" 4:39 / "Day After Yesterday" 3:27 / "Falling Up a Mountain" 4:09 / "She's So Gone" 2:28

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Micky Dolenz
Puts You To Sleep
Rhino R2 70413
Released in 1992.
-This is a a soloalbum from former monkees drummer/singer Micky Dolenz. He made a wonderful album filled with classic lullabies/ballads. Although the main project was to put your children asleep the chances are you gonna like it so much that you're listening it over and over again, no matter what age you are.

Pillow / Time Dream A Little Dream / Beautiful Boy / Blackbird Lullaby / To Tim / Fool on the Hill / Good Night / St. Judy's Comet / The Moonbeam Song / Remember / Sugar Mountain / The Porpoise Song

Friday, March 07, 2008

Ton Scherpenzeel
Le carnaval des animaux
Ariola 26.327 XOT
Released in 1978.

Ton Scherpenzeel is commonly known because of his work as keyboardist, composer, producer, arranger and lyricist for Dutch 'prog-art' rockband Kayak. He is also known for playing keyboards with Camel in 1984.
Ton is lesser known for his work for theatre, you can her some of his theatrework at Ton's My Space.

Le Carnival des Animeux is in the line of his theatrework. Its a classic musical story by Camille Saint-Saëns in a pop-symphonic-style.

Keyboards and guitar: Ton Scherpenzeel, Guitar: Hans Hollestelle, Bass: Theo de Jong, Mondharmonica and percussie: Frans Peters, Bas, Mondharmonica: Eddy de Wilde; Saxofoon: Clous van Mechelen, Drums and percussie: Max Werner; achtergrondzang: Irene Linders and Ellen Neefjes.

1. Introduction - March Royale du Lion - 3:47 / 2. Fossiles - Fossielen - 2:07 / 3. Aquarium - Vissen - 3:20 / 4. L'eléphant - de Olifant - 1:35 / 5. Le Cygne - de Zwaan - 3:44 / 6. Hémiones - Muildieren - 3:00 / 7. Poules et Coq - Kippen en Haan - 2:55 / 8. Volière - Vogels - 2:25 / 9. Le Coucou Au Fond du Bois - de Koekoek - 2:38 / 10. Tortues - Schildpadden - 3:57 / 11. Personnages à Longues Oreilles - Ezels - 1:18 / 12. Le Carnaval des Animaux - Finale - 3:07