Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peter StrakerChangeling-

©1978 EMI Records Ltd.
EMC 3277320 Kbps Vinyl rip.

Although there is no mention on the album that there was any Queen involvement here, Brian's guitar playing style, Roger's high voices, Freddie's writing style and Queen harmonies are all around. If they didn't play on this album then Queen had some unbelievable skilled copy-cats.
For the album, its less surprizing as "This One's On Me" but its surprizingly good, more accessible and more rocking.

Tracks: 01 D-D-D-D-D- Danger / 02 Doesn't Give A Damn / 03 Believer / 04 Sweet, Sweet Music / 05 Legs / 06 Star Circus / 07 Tear Down The Walls / 08 This Fab Samba (A Cautionary Tale) / 09 The Black Swan / 10 Talk About Me
Including coverart and lyrics.

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