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Robert Jan Stips
©1981 CBS 85424 Vinyl
Rip at 320Kbps
Robert Jan Stips (Supersister, Nits) solo album. Recorded at the Arnold Muhren (the Cats) Studio in Volendam. With his brandnew Oberheim Synthesiser (one of the first in the Netherlands) RJ spent his days and nights designing sounds, playing with them, writing and recording on his Teac 4 track machine together with one of the first drum machines ever, the ‘Dr Rhythm‘. U.P. (Joepie een synthesizer) was written and recorded during these sessions.
Tracks: 1. Money makers 3:12 / 2. Wake up 4:34 / 3. Tomorrow (is another day) 3:30 / 4. Shivers 4:10 / 5. Nuts in a shell 3:18 / 6. Camera 3:12 / 7. No more Mondays 3:54 / 8. Much better 2:57 / 9. Welcome tourists 3:14 / 10. Fortune & fame 7:22
Including LP Coverart and Lyrics

In 1982 a single came out.
As the album was already printed and in the stores you'd get the single for free if you desided to buy the album. It came in a plain white sleeve, the White Single :-)

A side: How The West Got Lost. This could be a little bit plagiarism.
B side: Fortune & Fame. A shorter and instrumental version as appeared on the album.

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