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©1979 EMI LP 17012
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AVIATOR was founded in 1978 by Jack Lancaster (saxophone, flute, lyricon, synthesizer) and Mick Rogers (guitar & lead vocals) together with Clive Bunker (drums) and John G. Perry (bass & vocals). All four musicians already had an impressive background in different bands. Jack Lancaster had played with Blodwyn Pig, the Mick Abrahams Band and the Soul Searches, Mick Rogers with: Manfred Mann's Earthband, Clive Bunker played with Jethro Tull, Blodwyn Pig and Steve Hillage and John G. Perry with Caravan and Quantum Jump.
In early 1979 AVIATOR released their first record named "Aviator". The tracks are all different styles ranging from straight forward rock to jazz-rock and pop. They went on a European Tour as a support act for Steve HILLAGE in 1979. After the tour Jack Lancaster left the band.
Tracks: 1. Your Loving Is My Home (3:30) / 2. Keep Your Heart Right (6:21) / 3. Evil Eye (3:20) / 4. Time Traveller (2:59) / 5. Silver Needles (6:07) / 6. Cleveland Ohio (5:01) / 7. Country Morning (6:14) / 8. Greed (3:02) / 9. Morning Journey (6:58)

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©1980 Harvest LP 4107
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The remaining trio recorded their second and last record "Turbulence", released in 1980, with the help of Vivienne McAuliffe, Carol Stocker and Betsy Cook on background vocals. Again all tracks but one, a Dylan cover "get your rocks off", were written by the band. It is more straightforward rock, but less interesting without the sound of Lancaster's sax-playing. All four musicians played together again on Lancaster's 1981 Solo Record "Skinningrove Bay" wich I posted a year ago here.
tracks: 1. Way Of The World (4:53) / 2. The American (4:40) / 3. Turbulence (6:44) / 4. Ovation (4:54) / 5. Fallen Star (7:22) / 6. Track Eleven (1:33) / 7. Get You Rocks Off (5:01) / 8. Strange Worlds (7:01)

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robert pally said...


Do you have anything by Trickster?

"Same", "Back to zero" or "Find the lady"



n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

Hello Robert,

Nothing from trickster at the moment.

Anonymous said...

is not as rare as you might think ... at least you're not the only owner -haha, clown!

n8w8 said...


Where do you read that I think that I'm the only owner?

I may be a clown but at least I can read. Both albums were posted on other blogs as stated in my posting.

trebron said...

Hi nightwatch,

i stumbled around your blog today and saw Aviator here. I have a special request for this band. They released a single in 1978
"Lay down your weary tune". Is there any chance to post it here?

Best wishes....trebron