Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dee Long

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A singer/Songwriter of considerable talent, Dee Long paid his dues as a member of Klaatu, the enigmatic prog-rock band of the 70's.The experience wasn't lost on Dee, who continues to write and perform music that is just a little left of the main stream, and very much influenced by pop culture

Outside features a collection of quirky and imaginative tunes drawn from a far reaching variety of subjects.From the quest for the meaning of life, through the latest issue of MAD magazine, to the larger than life rock icon, this album navigates the netherworlds of the imagination, while exploring the cutting edge of music technology.

From a musical standpoint, Outside is a wonderful collage of influences from the psychedelic 60's to the 21st century, each explored and experimented with through the ears of a man who know's what he likes, and refuses to be pigeon holed into an easily identified category.Klaatu fans will be amazed at how much of the bands vision Dee Long has managed to maintain two decades after the band pasted into the mists of music history.
Track List: Meaning of Life / (Make Love in) Zero Gravity / Mad Magazine / Outside / You Are Too Beautiful / Chromosome Syndrome / Time Will Tell / Collecting Icons / Wait For You / It's Good / Good Night Universe


wkc said...

Thank you again for the wonderful shares. Very nice to hear the Klaatu related material

Anonymous said...

I waant to thaank you aas well for aall the Klaatu, and solo relaated.
(Okay, enough of that!)
I was just curious if you had any other Dee Long solo material you might be persuaded to post? I've read where "Been Here Before" is quite interesting.
Thanks again for everything else thus far!

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

been here before CD is now out of print and not available. This one is on my want to have list.
There is more klaatu related in the future though.

Anonymous said...

Bob here-
Thanks for the reply, n8w8.
Sorry, I didn't realize "BHB4" was your white whale, as well.
I am glad to read that more Klaatu is coming, though! Looking forward to your posts. Bob