Friday, April 16, 2010

David Garrick - A Boy Named David

©1976 Pye Records / 1990 Castle Communications Plc.
RR 4091-WZ

'A boy called David' made the top 10 in Germany and sold in massive quantities throughout Europe, firmly establishing him as a major new international star. Two hitsingles were drawn; his third single "Lady Jane,"  with an arrangement by Alan Tew that reached number 20 and his fourth single, "Dear Mrs. Applebee," wich made it to number 22 on the U.K. charts and topped the sales listings in Germany and Holland. 

So Much Love / I'm Looking Straight At You / A Groovy Kind Of Love / Dear Mrs Applebee / Liza Brown / You Don't Know / Dandy / I've Been Lovin' You Too Long / Lady Jane / Ain't Gonna Lie / When The World Was Our Own / Master John / It's Just Not That Easy / The Man Who Took The Valise Of The Floor At Grand Central Station At Noon / You're What I'm Living For / Mr. Moving Man / You Can't Hide A Broken Heart / Don't Go Out In The Rain / Theme For A Wishing Heart.

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Anonymous said...

Great Thank You for that one... was looking to discover the other songs, as I only have 2 songs. Appreciate v.m.