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Roger Glover - Butterfly Ball and the Wizard's Convention

©1974/1976 Purple Records
this compilation ©1989 The Connoisseur Collection
320kbps CD rip - 192Mb incl. coverart.
Deep Purple have always been known for their contributions to the hard rock genre. Despite this heavy reputation, the individual members have all worked outside the rock field from time to time on solo material or sessions, exploring different and often seemingly unlikely musical avenues. This compact disc brings two such projects together for the first time.
THE BUTTERFLY BALL, masterminded by Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover shortly after he had left the band, forms the first half of the set and features appearances from many well known rock musicians like Ronnie James Dio (RIP), Eddie Hardin, Ray Fenwick, Tony Ashton, David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes.
Glover also turns up on THE WIZARD'S CONVENTION, which forms the rest of this package. Eddie Hardin brought Glover together with the then current Deep Purple members Jon Lord, Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale and numerous other guests. Side by side this material forms a fascinating side line to the Deep Purple story.
Track 17, Little Chalk Blue, is a bonustrack. Previously released as a 7'' vinyl single only. Four numbers have been omitted from The Wizard's Convention album to enable us to fit two albums onto one compact disc at a budget price.
The Butterfly Ball: 1 Dawn 1:18 / 2 Get Ready 2:07 (Vocals: Glenn Hughes) / 3 Saffron Dormouse And Lizzy Bee 1:24 (Vocals: Barry St. John , Helen Chappelle) / 4 Harlequin Hare 1:26 (Vocals: Neil Lancaster) / 5 Old Blind Mole 1:13 (Vocals: John Goodison) / 6 Magician Moth 1:34 / 7 No Solution 3:16 (Vocals: Mickey Lee Soule) / 8 Behind The Smile 1:59 (Vocals: David Coverdale) / 9 Fly Away 2:22 (Vocals: Liza Strike) / 10 Aranea 1:37 (Vocals: Judi Kuhl) / 11 Sitting In A Dream 3:40 (Vocals: Ronnie James Dio) / 12 Waiting 3:06 (Vocals: Jimmy Helms) / 13 Sir Maximus Mouse 2:40 (Vocals: Eddie Hardin) / 14 Dreams Of Sir Bedivere 4:41 / 15 Together Again 1:36 (Vocals: Tony Ashton) / 16 Watch Out For The Bat 1:41 (Vocals: John Gustafson) / 17 Little Chalk Blue 3:48 (Vocals: John Lawton) / 18 The Feast 1:46 / 19 Love Is All 3:17 (Vocals: Ronnie James Dio) / 20 Homeward 4:17(Vocals: Ronnie James Dio)
Wizard's Convention: 21 Loose Ends 4:13 (Vocals: Jimmy Helms) / 22 Money To Burn 3:50 (Vocals: David Coverdale) / 23a Until Tomorrow I / 23b Until Tomorrow II / 23c Until Tomorrow III (Vocals: Glenn Hughes) / 23d Until Tomorrow IV  / 24 Light Of My Life 3:41 (Vocals: Eddie Hardin , Glenn Hughes) / 25 She's A Woman 6:40 (Vocals: Jimmy Helms) / 26a Swanks & Swells I (Vocals: Tony Ashton) / 26b Swanks & Swells II 4:38

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