Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Violinsky - No Cause For Alarm

©1979 JET LP 219/EPIC 47.209
320 Kbps Vinyl rip

Violinski were formed in 1977 by Mik Kaminski, John Hodgson and John Marcangelo and were originally promoted by Jet Records as an offshoot of the Electric Light Orchestra. The band could have achieved major-league status and more hits than their 200,000-selling debut single 'Clog Dance' if they only had been supported a little bit more by Jet Records.

That first single aside, Violinski releases suffered poor distribution and were quickly deleted to become instant collectors' items.

Tracklist: A1 Cricket, Bloody Cricket / A2 (More Than A) Sudden Romance / A3 Rosanna / A4 Need Your Love / A5 No Cause For Alarm / A6 Clog Dance / B1 Save Me / B2 Time To Live / B3 Cow Caped Crusader / B4 Die Aband Glocke


newelectricmuse said...

Thanks for this. I have the original LP, but the only CD I have is a "Very Best Of" CD that has alternate versions and demos and generally not originals. Don't know why they didn't release their two albums on a 2-for-1. Not as good as ELO but a nice listen all the same.

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

The reason that the albums weren't released as a two on 1 is the same reason your very best of has alternate versions. The company lost the original tapes. Only recently they found the tapes with the alternate versions.

You can read the story on their myspace site.

newelectricmuse said...

Thanks for the info. Hope the originals turn up one day. In the meantime thanks for the vinyl rip. (Sorry for delay in replying - have just checked back on your blog).

Anonymous said...

Márcio Miranda Saidj: 21/10/2011

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n8w8 said...

@Márcio Miranda Saidj
Sorry, I don't have "stop cloning about".