Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Beatles - Hell

©2008 Marshall Records 23-EOIO-06
192 kbps.

After releasing the hugely successful HATE in 2006, Pete ’Best’ Zarustica and The Beatles decided it was time for another round of remixes to protest against the war… and that’s just what you get!

The Beatles' HELL comes to serve the world with classic tunes remixed for your listening pleasure. The Fab-Four poets of Limbo – or Liverpool – decided to pay a visit to HELL, like Prince William and loads of other soldiers who are still fighting this ludicrous war in the Middle-East. They took a ticket to ride in the same circles Dante described TR-708 years ago, but didn’t enjoyed it - in fact they regret it. Buy you can enjoy this trip (and it is a trip) downloading NOW their latest LP, The Beatles' HELL, yeah!

01.Hell / 02.Ticket To Ride / 03.You're Gonna Bruise That Girl / 04.Got To Get You Under My Knife / 05.Sell Me What You See / 06.I've Just Seen An Evil Face / 07.Hell Terskelter / 08.Magical Hystery Tour / 09.Helleanor Rigid / 10.Mic'Hell / 11.Blaming Madonna / 12.Act Diabolically / 13.Hell'O Goodbye

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192 kbps


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