Monday, August 12, 2013

Rare Harry DVD's 1 - 4 NZB file

4 x ISO
“When you're a Harry fan then these DVD's are a must have
Disc 1: Beat Club: Everybody's Talking Derek Taylor intro The Music of Nilsson The Smothers Brothers Summer Show Playboy After Dark Skidoo Trailer - Notes: - The Playboy clip has been edited together from two different sources to present the material in its complete form and in the best available quality. - The Music of Nilsson (aka the first BBC show) is from a brand-new source and has been subject to full audio restoration. After this, no-one will feel the need to mourn the lack of an official release of this or the LTOSITN telecast.

Disc 2: A Little Touch of Schmilsson In The Night Did Somebody Drop His Mouse? - Notes: Both from new sources. See above re: audio restoration.

Disc 3: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Only You All I Think About Is You Who Done It? Loneliness Beatlefest '84 Rehearsal & Performance Intermedio (?) - Notes: The episode of "Muir" has been reedited from two different sources. While it is still missing about 90 seconds' worth of footage, none of that material featured Harry. The "Only You" clip is a color-corrected version of the officially-released footage (from the Ringo Starr "Photograph" bonus DVD). Beatlefest '84 is sourced from the original VHS camcorder tape. If anyone has more information on the "Intermedio" telecast, please let me know as soon as possible. It is undoubtedly Harry's final appearance on (Spanish) television and may, in fact, be one of the saddest things I've ever seen (in light of its context). - Easter eggs only available via the "play all" menu option: Ringo and Harry's appearance at the Grammy Awards and their promotional ad for the Duit On Mon Dei LP.

Bonus disc: Beat Club: Everybody's Talking (repeat from disc 1) Nilsson et Peggy March 1941 & Good Old Desk - This material represents what little we've been able to uncover from Harry's 1968 promotional tour of Europe. This disc runs roughly 30 minutes.
Many thanks to the person who made these DVD's.
You have to know how to download from usenet!


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Harry Nilsson is in my opinion the greatest vocalist of my generation.

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