Friday, October 16, 2020

King Harry - Divided We Stand + Fighting Talk


©1977 Harvest/EMI Records
mp3 320 kbps

Their debut (and last) album. It was recorded, arranged and produced over the course of a year in their own studio in England. They released 4 singles. And that's about it what can be found about King Harry.

Al Bowery - lead guitar, bass, vocals
John Dickenson - keyboards, vocals
Tino Licinio - guitars, bass, vocals
Harold King - Drums

1. Fighting Talk, 2.You Stand Accused, 3. Keeping The Peace,
4. Grandpa's Farm, 5. Dear Matthew, 6. Can You Hear Music?
7. Dressed To Kill, 8. Endless Miles.

I've incuded the single Fighting Talk/Keeping The Peace (different mix)

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