Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Original Sountrack Of "Girls"

In 1978, 10cc made quite an impression again, not only with another hit record, but also with the videoclip for it. Based on personal experiences during a holiday in the Caribbean, "Dreadlock Holiday" became a big hit all over the world

However, during this successful time for the band, Eric had a car accident and needed time to recover from serious injuries.

When Eric started to work again, he was asked to write the soundtrack for the film "Girls" and this project resulted in the release of his first solo album in Februari 1980.

Eric Stewart: Guitars, Bass, Fender Electric Piano / Duncan Mackay: Grand Piano, Clavinet, Yamaha CS80, Taurus Bass Pedals, Rolland Vocorder Strings and Choir / Paul Burgess: Drums, Percussion / Rick Fenn: Guitar Solo / Simon Philips: Drums / Alan Jones: Bass Guitar / Graham Gouldman: Acoustic Guitars, Autoharp (Make the pieces fit)

Girls Opening Music (Mackay/Stewart) / Girls (Stewart) / Disco Grindin' (Mackay/Stewart) / Witch Le Bitch (Stewart/Mackay) / Disco Bumpin' (Mackay/Stewart) / Aural Exciter (Stewart/Mackay) / Warm, Warm, Warm (Stewart) / Tonight (Stewart/Mackay) / Snatch The Gas (Stewart/Mackay) / Your Touch Is Soft (Mackay/Stewart) / Trouble Shared (Stewart/Mackay) / Discollapse (Stewart/Mackay) / Make The Pieces Fit (Stewart)


Anonymous said...

Hello Secret Vault--

Thanks so much for posting these Eric Stewart Album--been trying to find it for years..and I mean YEARS!!

Sadly, the last three tracks are there anyway you can add them??

Otherwise, the 10 tracks I did get, sound great!!


Pete the Greek
San Leandro, California, USA

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. By mistake the last two tracks were missing. You can download them now:

Track 12 is the 13th song. Track 11 the 12th and so on till track 3. Track 3 is two songs put together in one mp3 so you get 13 songs but only 12 tracks.

I've also corrected the downloadbutton so if you click download you get all tracks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Secret Vault---for making the download right.'re right about the track numberings....Here is a link for you..the WHOLE "Frooty Rooties" album by ERIC..not in perfect CD quality (I think it's lifted from a cassette), but it's pretty good if you need a better than Vinyl copy. Enjoy.

Thanks again.

Pete the Greek
San Leandro, California, USA

the LINK:

Anonymous said...

Whoa. I saw this movie 4 years ago but was never able to find the soundtrack. Thanks very much!