Monday, August 20, 2007

Harry Nilsson

At the end of 1964, Harry Nilsson signed a contract with Tower, a label recently formed by Capitol Records. Harry recorded a few tracks as demos for Tower then Tower bought some other demos by the New Salvation Singers to which Harry added vocals and it was relased as Spotlight On Nilsson in 1966. Emi/capitol re-released the album early 70's, probably to cash in on Harry's succes. I don't know when it was released exactly because there's no mention of it on the label or on de cover.

Although the songs are available as "Spotlight On Nilsson" nothing can be found about this Emidisc release wich has a beautiful sleeve by an unknown artist (mayby it's by Patrick who made some beautiful sleeves (like this one) for EMI). Let me be the first to show this albumart to the world.

1 "The Path That Leads to Trouble" / 2 "Good Times" / 4 "I'm Gonna Lose My Mind" / 5 "She's Yours" / 6 "Sixteen Tons" / 7 "Born In Grenada" / 8 "You Can't Take Your Love (Away From Me)" / 9 "Growin' Up" / 10 "Do You Believe"

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Anonymous said...

I have this one! MINT :-)