Monday, September 03, 2007

Raw Material

Raw Material was a progressive rock band whose both original albums (released in 1970 & 1971) are now very rare and sought-after. Even the re-releases on CD from 2001 are no longer available.

Their first album includes a couple of strong, long tracks: "Time And Illusion", which has a long instrumental break and vibraphone on leading role; "I'd Be Delighted", which features strong vocals, good flute and sax work and "Fighting Cock", which builds in strength after a mellow beginning. The finale, "Destruction Of America", is a poetry recitation with melotron backing and with lyrics wich could have been written today, just listen, you'll understand...

The LP was released on Evolution Records in 1970. Presented here is the Russian re-release from 2001 wich included bonustracks 9-12.

1 "Time And Illusion" / 2 "I'd Be Delighted" / 4 "Fighting Cock" / 5 "Pear On An Apple Tree" / 6 "Future Recollections" / 7 "Traveller Man" / 8 "Destruction Of America" / 9 "Time And Illusion (single version)" / 10 "Hi There Hallelujah" / 11 "Bobo's Party" / 12 "Days Of The Fighting Cocks (single version)"

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