Friday, February 29, 2008

Max Werner
CNR 655.118
Released in 1981.
Second solo album by the former singer/drummer of Kayak. Max Werner scored a huge solo hit with the openingstrack "Rain In May". Max made a complete album around this drum-heavy sound. Being a good drummer and with his voice, often compared to Phil Collins, it was not a big surpise many critics wrote that Max had copied Phil. Obviously the critics hadn't listen to Max's 1st soloalbum "Rainbows End"...

 tracks: 01 Rain In May 03:37 / 02 Under The Spell Of Spring 03:31 / 03 Thunderstorm 03:37 / 04 Summer In The City 03:31 / 05 Raincloud 02:55 / 06 Like An Autumnleaf 04:03 / 07 Indian Summer 03:35 / 08 In The Winter 04:57 / 09 Crystals (So Cold) 05:56 / 10 Cosmic Winter (We'll Make It To Mars) 04:27 / 11 Seasons 05:07


theressa said...

Thanks .. I'm glad to know I can hear Rain of May real soon. If you can post Steve Lukather or Chris Squire New Album, I will be very grateful.

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

Hi Theressa,
I've mailed you the links to the new Steve Lukather album. It's not something to post on my blog (yet).