Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sean Lennon
Live at the Rainbow Club, 2007
(Rai RadioUno recording)
Live at the Rainbow Club, Milano, Italy, February 12, 2007
Rai RadioUno broadcast March 9, 2007

Sean Lennon has been touring in support of his latest, awesome, album "Friendly Fire". He has made some European appearances for the album, and one of these was recorded by Rai RadioUno and is now available through internet. Have a listen, and enjoy!

Sean Lennon - vocals, guitar
Cameron Grader - bass
Billy Dobro - drums
Yuka Honda - keyboards

01 Spectacle / 02 Dead Meat / 03 Parachute / 04 Wait For Me / 05 Smoking Mirrors / 06 Friendly Fire / 07 Band introduction / 08 Falling Out Of Love / 09 On Again Off Again / 10 Headlights / 11 Would I Be The One? / 12 Tomorrow / 13 Into The Void (intro) / 14 Mystery Juice.


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donaldely2 said...

This is great. Do you have the album called "Happy Birthday, John" that Yoko and Sean both appeared on for John's 50th birthday? If so, could you PLEASE upload it, I can't find it anywhere! Thank you so much.