Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ad Visser
CD rip, 224 kbbs /Dino Records 2253 /Released in 1990.
Allthough this CD is titled Sobrietas it's not the same as the original release from 1982. It's more a kind of a sampler containing 5 tracks of the LP Sobrietas (tracks 2,7-10), 3 tracks from the Hi-Tec Heroes CD (track 4, 5 & 6 ) and 2 tracks were singles (1 & 3). Missing are "Overture in S", "March Of Hope", "Nostalgia for Earth" and the song Giddiyap a Gogo sung by Daniel Saluheka wich was a big hit in the Netherlands.
Despite the missing tracks it's a great Electronic, Synth-pop, Ambient experience.
1 Head Over Heels In Paradise (4:52) / 2 Delicate Balance (3:30) / 3 Hallucinado (4:20) Vocals - Maggie Reilly / 4 The Lone Hero (6:57) / 5 Futurian Symphony (9:16) / 6 No News From The Western Frontier (5:41) Vocals - Gary Brooker / 7 March Of Hope (4:50) / 8 Nostalgia For Earth (8:48) / 9 Relief Of Demorzan (5:28) / 10 A Last Farewell (4:00)


Marcel said...

Nostalgia is on there, it's Adventure(Restless Bleed) that's also missing. Btw also sung by Daniel Sahuleka....

Anonymous said...
for original LP cover and labels

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

The original album will be posted (much) later. Have to rip it first.

Thanks for the link to the original lp-cover.

flex said...

What is the password?

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

You don't need a password. You need WinAce (see sidebar) or a new version of WinRar. If you really downloaded the file without errors (99020 KB) then it should unpack with no problem.

You could change .ace into .mp3 and play it as one file.

Troublemaker said...

Thank you!
Heard "Nostalgia" on shoutcast radio and tried to find it. Found there. What a great theme!