Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eric Woolfson
Released: October 11, 1990
EMI records.
1990's "Freudiana" was the last album that singer/composer Eric Woolfson collaborated on with Alan Parsons. The main reason to release this as a Eric Woolfson album instead of an APP album is that halfway the project Eric wanted to make a musical of it and Alan did not.
It features the same musicians that have played on APP albums including Alan Parsons, Ian Bairnson, Stuart Elliot, Chris Rainbow, John Miles and Eric Woolfson himself.
So, this is a Eric Woolfson album but it is much more a Alan Parsons Project album than any of Alan Parsons afterlife (man, were you able to listen to "a valid path" without pressing the next button for 5 times?).
Tracks: "The Nirvana Principle" 3:44 / "Freudiana" 6:20 / "I Am a Mirror" 4:06 / "Little Hans" 3:15 / "Dora" 3:51 / "Funny You Should Say That" 4:36 / "You're On Your Own" 3:54 / "Far Away From Home" 3:11 / "Let Yourself Go" 5:26 / "Beyond the Pleasure Principle" 3:13 / "The Ring" 4:22 / Sects Therapy" 3:40 / "No One Can Love You Better Than Me" 5:40 / "Don't Let the Moment Pass" 3:40 / "Upper Me" 5:16 / "Freudiana" 3:43 / "Destiny" 0:51 / "There But For the Grace of God" 5:56
tracks 1 - 9
tracks 10 - 18

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theressa said...

Thanks for another rare album, talk about John Miles, do you have his album "Transistion" and "Play On" ? If so, please post them too.

Many many thanks before hand.

Kind Rgd from Indonesia,