Sunday, October 26, 2008

John Miles
Released: 1985 WEA International
LP rip 192 Kbps
This is a out of print album by John "Music Was My First Love" Miles. I do not concern this as one of his best albums but it's deffenatly one of his hardest to find albums and it contains the hearttearing "Blinded" track.

1. Once In Your Life 3:56 / 2. Run 3:49 / 3. Blinded (It Wasnt Love At All) 6:32 / 4. You're The One 4:33 / 5. I Need Your Love 4:57 / 6. Hard Time 4:18 / 7. Who Knows 4:02 / 8. Don't Lie To Me 4:31 / 9. Watching Over Me 3:57

John Miles
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Released: 1983 WEA International
LP rip 128 Kbps
This is an other out of print album by John Miles. Kind of John Parr/Cliff Richards rock with a reverie to Earth, Wind and Fire. "The Right To Sing" is a great ballad and could have been a big hit if he hadn't released "MUSIC' a few years earlier.

Take Me to My Heaven (3:31) / Song for You (4:09) / It Wasn't Love at All (4:42) / Ready to Spread Your Wings (4:49) / I'll Never Do It Again (4:53) / Heart of Stone (4:35) / Home (5:15) / Close Eyes, Count to Ten (4:29) / Carrie (3:48) / The Right to Sing (3:44)

Both albums posted by request. The quality is a bit poor but enjoyable.


theressa said...

Thanks for posting these hard to find albums .... what a great effort here. I do appreciate your hard works.

Good luck and have a nice day

wkc said...

Links no longer work. If a reup is possible it would be appreciated. Thanks for your wonderful blog and shares.

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

Links repaired. Enjoy listening!

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n8w8 said...

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