Friday, November 21, 2008

Alice Cooper
Warner Bros. 1973 (recorded 1969)
CD-rip 320 Kbps

You have a choice. You can turn me off..
(from "Beautiful Flyaway")

School Days is a compilation of the bands first two albums "Preties For You" and "Easy Action" wich are two of the strangest sounding albums of all time. Highly experimental, psychadelic rock with a twist.

I've read many reviews telling that these albums are bad. Well, if you expect another "School's Out" or "Killer" then you can be dissapointed, I guess. If you're listening with an open mind then you'll discover some great music. There are some great guitar riffs and the lyrics, although incomprehensible most of the times, fit in well.

I've made two changes. 1. I've replaced de lame live version of "Levity Ball" with a much better sounding studio version. 2. I've added the studio version of "Nobody Likes Me" as a bonustrack. This hilarious song (mini-musical!) is recorded in 1969.

Be warned though, these tracks are way different from other Alice Cooper songs. They are so strange you have to hear it for yourself...

tracks: Titanic Overture / Sing Low Sweet Cheerio / Today Mueller / Living / Fields Of Regret / No Longer Umpire / Levity Ball / B.B. On Mars / Reflected / Apple Bush / Earwings To Eternity / Changing, Arranging / Mr. And Misdemeanor / Shoe Salesman / Still No Air / Below Your Means / Return Of The Spiders / Laughing At Me / Refrigerator Heaven / Beautiful Flyaway / Lay Down And Die, Goodbye / Nobody Likes Me


Anonymous said...

Still have the vinyl copies, my favourote Alice Cooper lps. Thanks for putting these up.

CooperTrooper said...

You have to be THE only person to present this marvel on a website...WELL DONE!

This was my first AC album bought for me by my Father.

I shall be following you site more frequently now.

Anonymous said...

password? send to

n8w8 said...


If there was a password I would have mentioned it.

Two possibillities:
1: Your download is corrupt, download it again.
2: You're using WinRar, probably an older version. Use WinAce or Peazip or 7Zip instead.

60s musicman said...

had this album for quite a few years great album

60s musicman said...

n8w8 said...

@60's Musicman

The remastered versions are not remastered at all. In fact they sound way worse than the analog versions. The remastered compilation is filled up with some demo's wich must have been recorded by holding a microphone in front of a speaker while playing a bootlegalbum.

I'm sure it is interesting for completists so thank you on behalf of them.