Sunday, December 07, 2008

1985 CBS 26218
320 Kbps
Tags: Ambient, Electronic, New Age, Experimental, Instrumental, Easy Listening.Oblique is Gerard Stokkink and Tom Bachmann. The album is used as music for the danceperformance "Oblique" from the Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theatre (Don't expect a dance-album now...). The LP was highly acclaimed as it was listed by MusicMaker as 'one of the best Dutch albums ever'.
Nevertheless Oblique never made another album again and stopped in 1988 as a band in order to fully focus on composing music for audio-visuals.
toetsen: Gerard Stokkink; drums, percussie: Tom Bachmann; producer: Oblique; producer +engineer: Emile Elsen; design: Yvonne Roth; fotografie: Ronald Loosveld; schilderij: Jean-François André; bas: Oswald Kiemeneij; bas: Ed Simpson Baikie; gitaar: Hans Hollestelle; gitaar: André de Wert; toetsen: Jaap Hamburger; sax, klarinet: Michael Moore; sax: Tom Barlage; sopraan: Conny van Kuik;
Tracks: 1. Blue Mountain 4:38 (Gerard Stokkink) 2. Sculpture 5:05 (Gerard Stokkink,Tom Bachmann) 3. Endless cruise 4:51 (Gerard Stokkink) 4. Archer 0:23 (Tom Bachmann) 5. Rose 6:12 (Gerard Stokkink) 6. Anemone 1:29 (Gerard Stokkink,Oswald Kiemeneij) 7. Policeman in the sand 4:07 (Gerard Stokkink) 8. Arena 3:54 (Gerard Stokkink,Tom Bachmann) 9. Yellow turtles 5:00 (Gerard Stokkink,Tom Bachmann) 10. Travellers 1:55 (Gerard Stokkink) 11. Ramblas 4:20 (Gerard Stokkink) 12. Seals 3:15 (Gerard Stokkink)


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