Friday, February 29, 2008

Max Werner
CNR 655.118
Released in 1981.
Second solo album by the former singer/drummer of Kayak. Max Werner scored a huge solo hit with the openingstrack "Rain In May". Max made a complete album around this drum-heavy sound. Being a good drummer and with his voice, often compared to Phil Collins, it was not a big surpise many critics wrote that Max had copied Phil. Obviously the critics hadn't listen to Max's 1st soloalbum "Rainbows End"...

 tracks: 01 Rain In May 03:37 / 02 Under The Spell Of Spring 03:31 / 03 Thunderstorm 03:37 / 04 Summer In The City 03:31 / 05 Raincloud 02:55 / 06 Like An Autumnleaf 04:03 / 07 Indian Summer 03:35 / 08 In The Winter 04:57 / 09 Crystals (So Cold) 05:56 / 10 Cosmic Winter (We'll Make It To Mars) 04:27 / 11 Seasons 05:07

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Max Werner
Not The Opera
Red Bullet RB.66.100
Released in 1995.

Solo album by the former singer/drummer of Dutch band Kayak, who scored a huge solo hit in 1981 with Rain In May. Two singles were released to promote this album, Not The Opera and Fortissimo, but both were bummers. If they only had promoted Do You Care (a beautiful ballad) or Prisoner Of Love (catchy lyrics)...

This is his fourth solo album and at first listen it's maybe a little dissapointing but the album will grow on you after each play.

tracks: 1. Do You Care / 2. Not The Opera / 3. Rain In May (new recording) / 4. Fortissimo / 5. The Red Balloon / 6. You Are The One / 7. Prisoner Of Love / 8. Our History 9. Sizzling Tongues / 10. Living On A Razor's Edge / 11. Indepency / 12. Jodelsong / 13. Revolution / 14. Opera Ole

tracks 1 - 7

tracks 8 - 14


Max Werner
Rainbow's End
EMI 1A 062 26363
Released in 1979 bij Bovema Negram/EMI.

Max Werner (born in 1953) was lead singer, drummer and percussionist of the Dutch Progressive Rock band Kayak. He co-founded the band along with keyboardist Ton Scherpenzeel, guitarist Johan Slager and drummer Pim Koopman in 1972.

He sang lead vocals on the first 5 Kayak albums, later switching to drums until the band split up in 1982. In 1999, he returned as singer for the Kayak album "Close To The Fire". After a short tour 2000, he had to leave again due to health problems.

Max Werner recorded 4 solo albums. In may 1981, he scored a big hit in Holland (reaching #3) and Germany (#1), with his solo-single "Rain In May".

This is his first solo album, resembling the Kayak sound of the early 70's.

Rainbows End / Beware of the Dog / Tale of Tenderness / Sir Dance-Alot / Help Me to do it Alone / Longsleeper / A Deadly State of Mind / Secrets of Mother Earth / Life's Serenity / Medicineman / A Glamour Story.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sean Lennon
Live at the Rainbow Club, 2007
(Rai RadioUno recording)
Live at the Rainbow Club, Milano, Italy, February 12, 2007
Rai RadioUno broadcast March 9, 2007

Sean Lennon has been touring in support of his latest, awesome, album "Friendly Fire". He has made some European appearances for the album, and one of these was recorded by Rai RadioUno and is now available through internet. Have a listen, and enjoy!

Sean Lennon - vocals, guitar
Cameron Grader - bass
Billy Dobro - drums
Yuka Honda - keyboards

01 Spectacle / 02 Dead Meat / 03 Parachute / 04 Wait For Me / 05 Smoking Mirrors / 06 Friendly Fire / 07 Band introduction / 08 Falling Out Of Love / 09 On Again Off Again / 10 Headlights / 11 Would I Be The One? / 12 Tomorrow / 13 Into The Void (intro) / 14 Mystery Juice.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow
(The Unreleased Album)
A&M 75021 5393 2
Stated to be released on September 22, 1992.

Sheryl Crow's first album was "Tuesday Night Music Club", right? And her second album was called "Sheryl Crow", right? Well, not exactly. There is another first album, and this first album was called "Sheryl Crow" also. The title given by collectors and journalists to 1992's "Sheryl Crow" is the "Unreleased Album".

When Sheryl Crow was first signed to A&M, she was sent straight into the recording studio to produce her first LP. One year later, the resultant record was ready but the record was not released. The reasons were twofold. Firstly, the label itself felt that Sheryl could produce a much more accessable LP, given the right surroundings. Secondly, Sheryl was intensely unhappy with the feel and production of the work. It was mutually agreed that the album would be shelved, and a less "produced" and more informal album would be made. That album was Tuesday Night Music Club, released about a year later, and becoming an international success.

All Kinds Of People / Father, Son / What Does It Matter? / Indian Summer / I Will Walk With You / Love You Blind / Near Me / When Love Is Over / You Want It All / Hundreds Of Tears / The Last Time.