Saturday, December 26, 2009

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This album probably has some of the best Janus tracks on it, but is not really "immediate". From 1993 to present day, pieces from this album crop up as background music on TV stations throughout Europe, which given the volume of library music that is available, are quite a compliment to the atmosphere generated on this album. The majority of the tracks were instrumental, and half the CD was given over to a tale penned by Orr, for which the music was meant to be the story.

"Journey" sold hardly at all, but the people who liked it, REALLY liked it. It looked like Orr had blown it by trying to be too original. The music industry hates original.
Lost Cello (4:06) / Terracotta Children (3:17) / Primitive Instinct (4:12) / Babi-Yar (4:56) / Credo (4:56) / Excerpt From Agnus Dei (4:14) / Awakening (2:19) / The Dark River (5:00) / The Paper Shop In The Field (3:19) / Distant Voices (2:07) / If I'd Listened (4:37) / The Angry Tower (3:28) / The Infinite Maze (3:15) / Unknown Number (4:23)

A (little more progressive) 2005 release of the 'S' Album can be downloaded for free at

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