Saturday, April 04, 2009

Joep Bruijnjé

©1982 Idiot Records
320 Kbps

Joep Bruijnjé's work is famous without being famous himself. He wrote songs for "La Grande Parade", a project from Henk Hofstede (Nits) and he wrote many songs for Jiskefet (Dutch comedy) including the leader. But he is not famous because of his music but because of his photographs. Talking Heads, Michael Jackson, XTC, Phil Collins, Herman Brood, Billy Joel, Prince, The Police, The Cure, Robert Fripp, Simple Minds and U2 are all being photographed by Joep.
In 1982 he recorded his own minialbum (10"/25 cm) with the help of some idiot records artists. Fay Luyendijk (Fay Lovsky), Robert Jan Stips, Klaas ten Holt, Jacob Klaasse, Mathilde Santing , Peter van Straten, Rob Hauser are all playing on the album. The music is like the Kewi's, Fay Lovsky or Nits with a tip of Gruppo Sportivo.
tracks: 1.: Trois Sur Quatre / 2.: Ghetto Boy / 3.: Back To The Border / 4.: Caroline / 5.: Twice A Year / 6.: Just Another Day / 7.: Billy / 8.: Painting And Drawing / 9.: Last One

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