Tuesday, April 21, 2009


©1982 Dureco Benelux 88.037
320 Kbps Vinyl Rip

Symphonic Powerrock from the Netherlands. The band had a big hit in Holland with "See You Tonight" and a minor hit with "Goin' Home". The vocals from Marian Pijnaker are increddible strong and the orchestration from Dick Bakker and Hans Hollestelle are ELO-esque. Most of the album written by Catmusic who are famous of their own but under other names (Catapult, Woodpeckers from Space, Videokids, Monotones & the Surfers just to name a few).
The album was quite succesfull but a second album was never recorded. Tower disbanded and Marian Pijnaker (vocals) and Cor van der Hoogt (Guitar & Vocals) continued as Split Decision. They released one single "Action" [download] but could not reproduce the succes of tower.
Listen to the power of Tower!
tracks: 1. Introduction/Titan 9:20 / 2. Get back 3:09 / 3. Moon 4:05 / 4. We are (The boys and girls) 3:03 / 5. Goin' home 3:32 / 6. Space man 3:22 / 7. See you tonight 3:49 / 8. Xio/Epilogue 8:15
Incl. scans from the original LP cover and innersleeve with lyrics

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