Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ad Visser
Hi-Tec Heroes
Vinyl rip, 256 Kbps
©1987 Vertigo 830 813-1
After Sobriëtas Ad Visser made up a new Multi-Media project titled Hi-Tec Heroes. No book this time but a theaterperformance and an album. The theme is the modern tecnology.
"No News From The Western Frontier" is sung by Gary Brooker from Procol Harum All other vocals and instruments are played by Ad Visser.
Tracklisting: Burning Heart (3:10) / Garbage Can (3:21) /Inter Acces (1:02) / Hi-Tec Heroes (3:31) / Hi-Tec Heroes In The Night (4:04) / What's Going On (4:00) / No News From The Western Frontier (5:38) / The Lone Hero (7:02) / The Fountain-Head (1:10) / Futurian Symphony (8:04)
Incl. scans from the original LP cover


eraser said...

Hi. I've tried to download Ad Visser's Sobrietas original release, but the link lets me download the 1990 release which I already have got. Could you fix this or send me the right link via mail? Thanx.

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

Would have sent you a mail if I had an email adress but this is the new link:

Anonymous said...

Please use an FLAC encoder next time, MP3 sounds like it comes from the bottom of the toilet.

n8w8 said...


Maybe you can do it yourself and post the link here in the comment.