Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ad Visser, Pushkar & Kim Menzer
The Sound Of Blue
CD D.D.D. rip, 320Kbps
©1988 Blue Eyes CBE 4787
In 1988 Ad did performance on the RAI Media mess, Amsterdam to promote Blaupunkt and himself. This project was named "The Talkinghead Experience" and had a, for that time, inmensive lasershow. For audio comment he used projectors to give life to a big (3 or 4 metres) three dimensional head. All very impressive. You could buy the music right there as a souvenir. Along the Ad Visser track there were two Pushkar and one Kim Menzer tracks. Everytime I hear Pushkar's "Rainbow Dance" I think of coffee. Maybe he was drugged by Nescafé.
No hits but fine synthesiser/new age music. If you like Kitaro, Gandalf or Michael Garrison you probably gonna like this too.
1 Ad Visser - The Sound Of Blue (15:45)
2 Pushkar - Rainbow Dance (5:47)
3 Pushkar - Kalaila (11:15)
4 Kim Menzer - Seashore Mystery (9:48)
Incl. artwork

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