Thursday, January 07, 2010

Harry Nilsson

 ©1971 RCA SPS-33-567
320 Kbps CD Rip
A limited, not commercial available, promotion-only release to promote The Point! and Harry's earlier albums. Scatalogue intercuts portions of many of Harry's songs into a long medley. The original LP sleeve was the same material as an LP-inner-sleeve instead of a normal cardboard cover.

This is a rip from a CD-bootleg from Remasters Workshop. They did an incredible good cleaning job. All titles listed are excerpts, except for "You Can't Do That," which is included in its entirety.
Tracklist as it appears on the artwork. This is slightly different than the way it is played.
01 1941 / 02 Little Cowboy / 03 The Puppy Song / 04 Me And My Arrow / 05 You Can't Do That / 06 Together / 07 I Said Goodbye To Me / 08 One / 08a Intro to "Pandemonium Shadow Show" / 09 Mr. Richland's Favorite Song / 10 Mr. Bojangles / 11 I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City / 12 Marchin' Down Broadway / 13 Fairfax Rag / 14 Everybody's Talkin' / 15 City Life / 16 Open Your Window (ends abruptly on the album) / 17 River Deep, Mountain High / 17a Little Cowboy / 18 Freckles / 19 Cuddly Toy / 19a One / 20 Life Line / 21 Think About Your Troubles / 22 Bath / 22a Daddy's Song / 23 END/Narration from "The Point"
Artwork is included.


Anonymous said...

Hello Hello Hello,
this is Hiroshi writing from Tokyo Japan...
So, this tme, I have a favor to ask of you.
It would be grateful if you can help me uploading some of the following albums...

1. Liberty Brothers / Love Lasts forever(not correct???)
featuring early Michael Thompson(G) & lots of big mellotron sound!!!
This one is his first recording band I think...maybe.

2. Kirby / Composition
featuring John Cook of Kestrel & Ian Paice(Deep Purple)

I'm really waiting for a prompt good news from you very soon!!!

Thanks in advance.
All the best.

(I'm a huge fan of New England!!)

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

Sorry to tell you that I don't have any of your requests. I'll keep an eye open though.