Thursday, July 08, 2010

Edward Reekers - Stages

©1992 Sound Production Holland
CAT NBR SPHCD 7812 192Kbps

Reekers joined Kayak in 1978. He replaced Max Werner, who became the band's drummer. With Reekers as the new lead singer, Kayak immediately scored their biggest European hit single: "Ruthless Queen". He stayed with Kayak till 1981 when he released his first solo album. In 1995 he started working with Ayreon. Since 2005 he is with Kayak again.

This is the out of print and beautiful 2nd solo album from Edward Reekers. Sorry, no higher bitrate.

tracks: 1 lovers / 2 my mistake / 3 when 2 wander / 4 this time its us / 5 i will remember you / 6 i run from love / 7 here i am now / 8 the final score / 9 work something out / 10 love at second sight


Anonymous said...

thanks for this album from edward reekers a good one.

NELLNEWS said...

Hi, dear friend, great so much your post, I loved it!
I'm a collector and audiofily, I love a perfect sound like my life! So I need your help, please, send me track "THIS TIME IT'S US" by Edward Reekers to my e-mail in wave format, if not dificult to you, sure. But to me it's very important, you can't imagine... Before I just say thanks to your atention, have a nice weekend! Hugs ;)

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n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

As stated in the post itself, I don't have a higher bitrate than 192 kbps so no wave format also. I got this album from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend or something like that. Sorry.