Sunday, July 04, 2010

Pousette Dart Band - Amnesia

©1977 CAPITOL SW11608
320 Kbps CD-rip
The Pousette Dart Band's music is like the Eagles (the Long Run) or The (Nitty Gritty) Dirt Band (American Dream). The single "Amnesia" was a minor hit and "Fall On Me" was featured in the TV series "Lost" but still, most people will never have heard of them. You can listen to the samples of this album here.
County Line - Fall On Me - Amnesia - I Think I Know - May You Dance I Don't Know Why - Winterness - Who's That Knockin' - Listen to the Spirit - Yaicha


Anonymous said...

Divshare does not work.
link of other Divshare is the same, too.
Is it a problem of me side?

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

Divshare is a free account so has limited downloads. I changed the download button back to rapidshare. I hope it stayes alive longer than the previous 3 times.

As an alternative you can try one of the multiupload links.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a new link!
I completed a download.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.

I ask you about track 8 (Who's That Knockin').
Track 8 is not found.
Is it missing?

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

Thanks for letting me know.

New link added to the download button. Multiupload replaced by

If you only want to download track 08:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Quick response!

Psyffer23 said...

thanks so much. I have been looking for this a long time. Needed to replace my vinyl.

KDNYfm said...

I saw PDB when they opened for someone (I think it was Poco or NRPS). I was very taken and had all their vinyl for the longest time.
Thanx for letting me get back into this great album and for all the work you put into the wonderful BLOG!

Vlad-Aha said...

Thank you and Big Respect to you from Russia. The PDB is music of my childhood. My father told me,when he was young,he bought a tape in one of "soundrecord studios" with recordings of this band (just this album). It was a time of 70's-time of interdictions to music from the America,so that tape isn't distributed in USSR (now any info about PDB in runet is absent too). I listen this tape,when I was a schoolboy. Next I searched this album in Net due to your great blog.