Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bernie Marsden & Snowy White - Notodden Blues Festival 1996

320 kbps Soundboard recording

Bernie Marsden has played in many bands. Just to name a few: Juicy Lucy, UFO, Babe Ruth, Whitesnake and The Green & Blues Allstars.
Snowy White is known for playing with Thin Lizzy and Pink Floyd and, more recently, for Roger Waters' band. He is also known for his 1983 solo effort "Bird of Paradise", which became a UK Singles Chart Top 10 hit single.

This collaboration was also known as Green & Blues, Bernie Marsden's Allstars tribute to Peter Green. Apart from Snowy White there were some interresting names in his Green & Blues Allstars band like Micky Moody (Juicy Lucy, Whitesnake) , Colin Hodgkinson (Alexis Corner, Whitesnake), Andy Pyle (The Kinks, Wishbone Ash), David Levy (Rory Gallagher, Chris De Burgh ), Tony Ashton (Roger Glover and Friends, Eddie Hardin and Friends)  and Don Airey (Gary Moore, Deep Purple).

This album was recorded at the Notodden Blues Festival, one of the largest blues music festivals in Europe and the largest in Scandinavia. The performance was in 1996 and not in 1995 as stated on the cover.
Tracklist: 1. Funny People / 2. I'm Tore Down / 3. Down Home Blues / 4. Love The best / 5. Watch Out / 6. Looking For Somebody / 7. Oh Well


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